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Quick Note
September 10, 2010

I'll make this fast since I've absolutely got to go to bed. I should have been asleep an hour ago with my level of exhaustion, but that's connected to this post.

Because Birth by Sleep is one of the best RPGs I've ever started. Yeah, I can't really say PLAYED yet because I'm not very far in. But this has incredible promise, both in terms of story and gameplay. The fighting is quick, requires intelligence and dexterity without being overly complex, and refines the action-RPG into something glorious. The story is currently poignant in a subtle manner that I thought had fled from the lands of Square Enix forever.

You know the best part of FF6? The part where you split into different parties to experience different aspects of the story? That's like the premise of this entire game.

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I feel like an idiot
September 09, 2010

I just discovered that those Protoss flies can create a field to warp in units. How I didn't know this... I'm not sure.

But goddamn it's fun to park one at the edge of someone's base and warp in (with four primed warp gates, of course) an entire army. Especially if they don't have sensors up, you can just murder them with dark templar.

I was going to win using this strategy today but I had to quit and go to work. Goddamit.

This has added a whole new level to my strategy. AKA I'm not sucking any more.


Review of Metroid Other M
September 05, 2010

Though I've switched my efforts over to Gameroni for the time being, trying to focus solely on it until it gets off the ground, I still very much value the opinion of everyone here.

If you are so inclined to read and comment, here is the link


Battlenet IDs?
September 01, 2010

Hey, what's everyone's BN IDs? I'd love to get some Starcraft going some time.

Mine is, of course, zippdementia


Starcraft Lesson learned
August 31, 2010

I was having the best match of my life. A very close match that I was slowly eking out a victory on. He was Terran and had a very strong base loaded with battlecruisers that he would intelligently send on quick strikes against my base.

But I had six bases and, even though his battlecruisers would decimate my forces before being driven back, I was slowly gaining ground. Each attack I had more units and he had less ships. I had actually brought pylons and cannons in all over the map so there was nowhere he could fly to anymore.

I was preparing for the final strike. It was going to be glorious. The culmination of an hour's worth of playing.

Then my computer battery died.

Lesson learned. Always play with your computer plugged into a power source.

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Gaming schedule and reviews
August 30, 2010

I've put aside the back-burner reviews for a time. These included Dragon Age, Alpha Protocol, and Starcraft II (though I still may pop out a SC2 review this weekend), and (oddly enough) Pokemon Pearl.

One reason for this is that there are actually some upcoming games that I want to spend some decent time on and I'm lucky enough that one of them (Metroid Other M) is coming in a couple days, coinciding with a six day holiday for me. Aside from trying to set up a rendezvous with a girl friend of mine, I should have plenty of time to enjoy the new Metroid and get a review out.

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Things I've learned about Starcraft multiplayer in the last couple of days...
August 27, 2010

1) Always be producing!

The best thing I've learned, currently, is to simply always have units building. Even if you don't know exactly what units you "need" you should never have buildings sitting around not producing. Pick a few cheap favorites and mass produce them. Currently, my opponents have all failed mostly because they simply don't keep producing units after they build a task force. So when that force gets wiped out, their base is defenseless and I just move in and waste them.

It helps to hotkey two or three production buildings and set an intelligent, and en masse, way point for units to group at.

2) Don't let up

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