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Apologies, but no preview this weekend
August 07, 2009

Now, if the judges take their time, I may get one up during the first part of next week, but this weekend I'm filming, going to a wedding, assisting in the beta testing of a line of computers, and working. So... no time, folks.

I will say I wouldn't be surprised if Zig wins his match against me. I see Zig has spruced up his review somewhat for our big match. I appreciate that. And when I say spruced up somewhat, I actually mean a full remodel, complete with pictures, coloured text, and even a block of text that gets smaller until it dissappears. I know these kind of things are sometimes considered frills here at HG, but I think Zigfried deserves a lot of credit for what hes done here.

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August 03, 2009

You really thought I'd let you have Sashanan all to yourselves? Next round, I'm not fighting anyone on Felix's team. I'm claiming Sashanan as my opponent, as I WANT A PIECE OF HIM!!!!

Sashanan, prepare yourself. You have made one too many slights 'gainst my character and now you shall go down for it.


Zipp's Final Confession
July 31, 2009

A dramatic title, no?

As those of you who regularly read my reviews (and I thank you for it), you'll have traced some sort of tragedy involving a woman in my past. To be a bit more specific, I was married once for five years between the ages of 19-24. Thankfully, we never signed papers, but we lived as a married couple for that length of time, during which our relationship deteriorated, culminating in a failed threesome and ultimately a break up.

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Team Tournament Week 6: Preview!
July 31, 2009

Jerec seemed to take great joy in announcing how much I messed up on predicting a loss for Sashanan last week.

I have one thing to say about last week. I was right in all the right places and wrong in all the right places, as well.

May that trend continue.

Match One: Team Emp (3-2) vs Team Felix (2-3)

EmP and Zig

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Dead Space Redux
July 28, 2009

A year after writing the original review and several months after removing it from the site, I give you my reworked version of Dead Space.

Fat Princess this Thursday!
July 28, 2009

I hope all of my fellow PS3 owners will be there to celebrate.

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Ahhhhhhhh! Splat!
July 27, 2009

Tomb Raider Anniverary

It's my latest review. Enjoy.


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