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Praise the Valkyrur! Or at least their artistic direction.
January 08, 2009

There comes a point in any game when you just have to go ahead and beat it.

Just like there comes a point in any review when you just have to go ahead and post it:

Valkyria Chronicles

MGS interview
January 08, 2009

This is pretty hilarious


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And who says you can't revisit greatness?
January 08, 2009

If you liked it the first time, you'll love it the second time round.

I rewrote the Mirror's Edge review for Lewis' kick-ass zine, and you can read the reworked version here:

Mirror's Edge

Now please excuse me while I go eat some much needed humble pie.

Little Big Review
December 30, 2008

Just a little big:


I wanted to discuss the physics system more, cause I thought they did an impressive job, especially for a platformer, but I ended focusing more on raw emotion, which is REALLY what the game's about.

LBP makes you feel like you're part of something cool.

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It's about time I advertised my fan fiction
December 29, 2008

Fan fiction... I can hear the groans already. And if I didn't know the work I'm referring to, I'd be groaning with all of you.

But I'm referring to my Chrono Trigger fan fiction, by the name of Chrono Break. Trust me, I'm a humble guy... really. But I feel I must talk this up a bit, if only to justify the number of hours I've put into it.

First of all, this isn't a send up of the characters. It's not the usual "Crono fought awesomely and he and Marle loved each other forever and ever. And Ayla had lesbian sex with Lucca."



How best to sum up this story? [b]This is a story about a man whose spirit is slowly broken as he tears his own country apart in a search to find out what is wrong with his life.[/b]

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Little Big Planet... no small thing
December 25, 2008

My sister got me Little Big Planet. Me, her, and a couple friends popped it into the PS3 around 10:00pm. Now it's 3:00am and I wonder if I shall be able to sleep... ever again.

Coming into Little Big Planet I was pleasantly amused by the style and surprised by the strength of the platforming gameplay behind it all. I was even happily impressed by the customization of your character and really excited by the multi player capability.

Then I took a look at the editor.

My. God.

I have NEVER in all my days of gaming come across such an in-depth, yet friendly, system for creating your own levels. It's insane! I didn't even realize HOW insane it was until I started playing the levels other people had made.

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Excuse me, I have to, er, get another drink (KH Review)
December 24, 2008

This Christmas I give you Disney and Cloud. Actually, Chain of Memories (now redone for the PS2) has less Disney characters than any of the other games in the series. At the same time, it relies on knowledge of the first game, so I can't really use it as an advertisement for the series.

In any case, I'm fairly pleased with this review. I wanted it to be shorter, but when you're describing a unique system of combat, there's bound to be some added length.

I do think I give an accurate review, though. I hope that by the time you're done reading it, you'll know if the game is for you.

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories

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