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What? ANOTHER Bioshock review?!
June 30, 2009

First off, this review is dedicated to Suskie, who has to endure seeing his un-editable and positive review of Bioshock sit on the site for the rest of eternity while he gnashes his teeth and pulls his hair in frustration that he didn't deliver the full breadth of his dislike of the game.

It's okay. I've been there, too.

Now, I know that writing a Bioshock review is like hiring the village whore... it's not all that far fetched. The fact that it's a bash only turns the whoring into fisting or something.

I've taken that metaphor about as far as it will go.

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Kid gives the Walkman a second chance
June 30, 2009

British Kid reviews the Walkman!

I love British news. This is a really interesting article that makes me feel ancient and also bizarrely points out that the old days weren't always better. Although I do wonder about today's youth.


I've got to stop giving guys the wrong impression
June 29, 2009

I'm bi. I occasionally like to sleep with men. But it causes me lots of trouble, because invariably they want to get into a relationship with me, and invariably I don't realize this until I've already encouraged them a bit. This often leads to hard feelings and phone calls that I have to ignore. Also, me barricading myself in my house and pretending I don't exist for a month or two, and sometimes a relocation to another state.

I'm not against the occasional male fling. But ultimately, I prefer women sexually (even if emotionally and mentally they can drive me nuts), and a male relationship would never work out long term because of this.

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Two quick pre-reviews
June 28, 2009

Switching my focus today from Mytran wars, which I'm about half way through, back to Steam Bot, which I'd like to finish this week.

Mytran is a terrible game riddled with design flaws, though it's concept is cool enough to almost save it.

Steam Bot, on the other hand, is a really well made game with a feel-good quality about it that reminds me of when Pokemon was first released.

The next ROTW
June 27, 2009

Tonight, at midnight, the next ROTW gets released by yours truly. Who will win it this time? Will it be the latecomer to the week, Randxian? Will it be Sashanan and his bevy of dungeon reviews? Will there be a twist ending, with the win going to Drella and his ironically controversial bash of Square Enix?

Cast your votes and aspersions now!


The Rain seems a little heavier today
June 26, 2009

Anyone else been following this game?

Heavy Rain looks INCREDIBLE. Like a GOOD version of Farenheight.

Wiki page
Some vids

It's massive
June 22, 2009

By which I mean nothing entirely raunchy at all...

oh wait...

yes I do.

Invader Zim has great fans.

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