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Behind the Scenes footage from our film
July 01, 2010

Some behind the scenes footage from the latest film by Gil Luna, Kenneth Luba, and myself: Population 2. Stay tuned for part 2 next week. This is all leading up to an official trailer release at the end of July.

Population 2 in 2 minutes: Behind the Scenes footage

This video captures the inane giddiness that often strikes people while working on a movie set. It's a lot like a summer camp... or maybe better, a war... you meet a lot of people, become friends very quickly, fight and laugh a lot, and then leave each other behind forever.

In my case, I've been fortunate that many of these people are still my friends and partners in the business. We've managed to build a community of talent with this project. The experience has been amazing.


I know everyone loves Firefly but...
June 29, 2010

... but I just can't get over how sexist it is. This is a show about the perfect male (the captain) and how, if you're perfect enough, women will put up with your abuse and acknowledge how right you are in any situation... even if they have the free will to be cutely spunky.

There's an instance in every episode, but this particular bout of ire was set off by a conversation between Mal and Inara, in which she takes offense at him calling her a whore but quickly lets it slide. Shortly after, she calls him a petty thief and everything gets real serious. Mal looks hurt and Inara gets very apologetic. Though she cracks a joke at the whole thing, she acts like a child caught doing something wrong.

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What is Art? The argument defined.
June 25, 2010

I meant to post this quite a while ago but lost my reference and just tonight refound it. Ever since the discussion we had about video games and art I've been searching for a working definition of "art."

In that conversation we had, I took the philosophical approach to art, rhetorically claiming that anything could be art in the hopes that someone would be able to concisely prove me wrong.

Because I really don't believe that anything is art. But I don't believe I can something isn't art, not until I can define what art is.

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New game may not bring me back into the RPG market...
June 24, 2010

... but damn I do have to give credit for fantastic art direction. I'd play it even through any griping I may have, simply because it's beautifully nostalgic.

Game in question...


This keeps happening to me...
June 21, 2010

My reviewing schedule seems to match up with my ROTW schedule. Once again, I'm set to release a couple reviews this week and yet it happens to be my ROTW week.

That does it. I'm waiting a week to release.

New review coming tomorrow
June 19, 2010

I'm apparently using this summer to play older games. My line up of reviews looks to be for the likes of Deus Ex, Metroid Prime, and Starcraft.

Starcraft coming tomorrow.

Er... sexy...?
June 17, 2010

Women truly bare it all.


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