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Dennis Hopper passes away
May 30, 2010

Just wondering if anyone had thoughts on this.

For my money, Hopper was by no means a favourite actor of mine, nor (from what I've heard) a great person to be around, but he did embody the value's of an entire period of history (namely, the mid-sixties transition into the 70s) that was probably best expressed in Easy Rider.

I suppose it also is worth mentioning that he was Koopa in the Mario Brothers. Yeah.

Anyway, his passing puts in to mind all the other talent that will pass away within the next decade or two, such as Jack Nicholson and Harrison Ford and J. Fonda. That's going to be a little trippy and, despite my lack of love for Hopper films, his death has made me a little sad and nostalgic for an era of people that no longer have relevance to us.

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Catching up with Lost
May 26, 2010

I should probably do that one of these days. The first disc of Season 5 has been sitting on my desk for four months.


Evangelion Anew
May 20, 2010

So I just watched, last night, the first movie of the new Evangelion series. New is a relative term... it's really the same series that's been reanimated in many places, revoiced, and reworked in terms of plot and also the addition of new scenes.

The overall impression is good, but good with a dash of nervousness. Explanations follow.

First of all, it's Evangelion. That right there puts it above most anime as Evangelion is a show that does make one think and gets into some rather heavy character interactions, especially within the "family unit" that so pervades Japanese culture.

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Lessons learned today
May 19, 2010

You cannot think on an empty stomache. Or rather, you cannot think rationally on an empty stomache. Also, thinking makes one hungrier than any other activity.

Conclusion: Intellectuals are all in danger of becoming fat.


Batman and Earthbound?
May 15, 2010

Two bits of good news came my way today. First of all, it looks like Earthbound is slated for a European virtual console release which may MAY mean that Nintendo is preparing to herald an international release of Mother 1+2 and MAYBE Mother 3.

Also, batman is finally given a release date with confirmation that it will end the series definitively:

IMDB listing

So close... but so far away...
May 13, 2010

I finally found a ROM that would play Mother 3 (VBA). But now it won't save games or even game states.

Not a problem! Found a way to fix it. Just have to drop a Mother 3 save state into the VBA save folder and it should be fixed!

But I can't do anything to the VBA folder... it says it's read only... which explains a lot about why I can't save, actually.

I think I'm going to cry.


the worst spoilers I can think of
May 11, 2010

Just off the top of my head...

the ending of sixth sense
This one holds a special place in my heart because it was actually spoiled for me two thirds of the way through the film by my sister, who poked her head in the room and casually announced the ending. She did it in an expertly subtle way so I couldn't bitch at her later, but I won't repeat it here in case someone hasn't seen the film.

Luke, I am your father
It's not really relevant anymore since I think it has seeped so much into popular culture that people are BORN knowing this, but imagine the time when it came out? I often wish I didn't know this little fact, so that I could see if it actually is as surprising as Mark Hammill makes it look.


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