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SC1 using SC2 editor
August 25, 2010

If someone with a lot of free time on their hands and a job that pays well but is not fulfilling them in life is not working on this already, I assure you they will be. Soon.

No, it's not me. Though I am tempted.

Incredible Cosplays
August 15, 2010

Here's a couple that made my eyes pop:


Dana Scully:

In general, the cosplayer immediately above (Adella) is pretty incredible


Help support Population 2 with your vote!
August 10, 2010

Grand Prize is $5,000 and a chance to meet with an industry insider. There are numerous runner up prizes.

Voting for us is easy! Just follow these steps:
1) go to: International Film Fest
2) type in "Population 2" into the search criteria box and hit "search"
3) scroll down to where you'll see the trailer and the button "vote for this trailer." Click on that to vote for us!

On behalf of myself and Moon Tribe Studios, thank you very much for your support! Please pass this link on to anyone whom you think might have an interest in the film or in seeing our efforts be successful! Thanks again!


I've talked about it, I've built it up, now here it is
August 07, 2010

The trailer for Population 2

This is the film I wrote the concept for, story edited the final script, and produced. The writing process began three years ago. Now we're seeing it barrel towards a release date.

Feedback is very welcome.


I hate the banks
August 04, 2010

Yes, another wonderful day here at work that was absolutely ruined by a message from my bank, informing me that I was low on money. This message was sent nine hours after I accidentally and unknowingly overdrew my account by an incredible $1.39 and then, a minute later, another 45 cents. Because this was two separate withdrawals, this resulted in the very reasonable fee of 90 fucking dollars (and $1.84).

I think this best describes what my course of action should be:

I hate the banks.


Terrible Game Endings (obvious spoilers)
August 02, 2010

I'd like to start this out with Metal Gear Solid 4. If you haven't played it, don't read on. Unless you don't care. And you probably shouldn't care because...

God. Fucking. Dammit.

SEE! Big Boss talk to Solid Snake for the first time since Snake KILLED HIS ASS. What do they talk about? They reiterate the entire plot! In case you somehow missed it while you WERE PLAYING THE GODDAMN GAME. SEE! Twenty minutes of two old men in the park talking about things you already know!

SEE! Revolver Ocelot make the big reveal that he was never possessed by Liquid at all! He was just PRETENDING. SEE! The revelation that one of the most stupid plot devices in video game history is, in fact, a stupid plot device! But it's all part of the Patriots plot! Ooooo....

[read the full post...]


Funny film story (connected to video games)
August 02, 2010

So I meet one of the big names in film who happens to live in Portland. Her name is Mercedes Rose. We're chatting it up and it comes to me that I've heard that name before.

I didn't realize until after, when I was talking with some other film buddies, that she is THIS Mercedes Rose:


Now that's awesome.


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