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Sky Riders
July 17, 2009

Saw Sky Riders tonight. I'm a big fan of Oishii, for his bizarre (yet ironically formulaic) pacing and his focus on depressed characters and whether or not they ultimately find salvation (usually some degree of yes, in his early days, while definitely no in his later career).

Sky Riders is one of the slowest paced movies I've ever seen, and yet that's what makes it so beautiful. By the end of this extremely monotone film, you feel as dead inside as the characters do. If any emotional emerges at the end, it is a disgusting form of pity... a pity accompanied by happiness that you aren't the characters.

And yet, as usual, Oishii's film raises the question: how different from them are we really?

Little Big Planet, quick reviews
July 08, 2009

A few quick reviews of some stages I played last night. It's all part of my plan to start reviewing every LBP level I play.

Real Coaster (Theme Park)
by Chaus94

This French-made level captures all the corniness of a low budget carnival. Youíve got your roller coaster, your haunted elevator, your target range, and some sort of bouncing ball ride that made me motion sick just watching it. Iím not sure whether this is praise or not... the level emulates the real life sickening experience of being at a sketchy carnival well enough to show a good amount of effort put into the design. And hey, it gave me a chance to practice my French.


Sasuke: The Ultimate Obstacle Course (Ninja Warrior) V2.6
by xlr8g024

[read the full post...]

Distant Worlds: Final Fantasy Concert in Seattle... Nobuo Uematsu in attendance...
July 08, 2009

... and Zipp in attendance as well.

Anyone else remember Lone Wolf by Joe Dever?
July 07, 2009

I've been part of the restoration group for those books for nigh on six years now. Our original glorious site has gone the way of the dodo, sadly, but we're still a strong community on proboards.

Actually, there's only about 15 of the original 100 left, and those left have pretty much talked the topic to death. Still, we role play in Magnamund all the time and for those of you who enjoyed the books as children, you should know that we helped get them republished (with all new rewrites by Dever himself!) through Mongoose publishing.

Anyways, seeing that bit on Fighting Fantasy brought it to mind.


Creepy fucking picture
July 06, 2009

There's a lot of creepy artwork on the internet. A lot of it is momentarily shocking. And then there's some that stick with you for a while.

Believe it or not, I found this while looking for images of Steambot Chronicles


Latest Review
July 06, 2009

I'll never forget playing Steambot Chronicles. Too bad it wasn't a little bit tighter.

New Trophy: Friendly Fire On
July 02, 2009

Willthegreat has fallen to my ever-growing hit count. Sorry, team mate.

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