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A nice short post
April 12, 2010

Because that last one was too long. I saw something today which I thought was absolutely true: your childhood ends when you start worrying about the future.

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Sakura Wars
April 11, 2010

I'm loving this. Here's an actual real time look into my first experience with this gem:

ipp Dementia says: (9:26:15 PM)

I've got to plug in Sakura Wars
says: (9:26:21 PM)

Get some time in before bed

Silent Wolf says: (9:26:35 PM)


Silent Wolf says: (9:26:37 PM)

let me know how that does

Silent Wolf says: (9:28:08 PM)


Silent Wolf says: (9:28:10 PM)

says: (9:38:30 PM)

I'l keep you updated as I play

Silent Wolf says: (9:38:47 PM)


Silent Wolf says: (9:38:55 PM)

I'm curious about the french who. . .maid
says: (9:38:59 PM)

PLugging it in now

Silent Wolf says: (9:39:03 PM)


Silent Wolf says: (9:39:05 PM)

says: (9:39:13 PM)

I'm curious, because I think it's a simulation RPG

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Neoliberalism and the effect it has on economy
April 10, 2010

Thought some of you might enjoy this:

The Water Balloon Economy

It's best to discuss the video without getting stuck in politics, since it is easy to miss the point of something when one gets mired in barely definable political terms.

Really? An A-Team movie?
April 09, 2010

Part of me is ridiculously excited, the other part apathetic.

In both cases the emotion is odd, because I've never seen a single A-Team episode.

Has anyone here ever seen "Bring Back the A-Team?" That's hilarious AND interesting. Sadly, I believe it was taken off of youtube.

A usual day for Zipp at Honest Gamers
April 04, 2010

1) Write review

2) post review

3) notice someone else's review

4) leave feedback on someone else's review

5) spend rest of the day explaining my feedback on said review

6) blog post

7) bed


Zipp cares
March 27, 2010

Just a reminder... Zipp cares


Jason's book more expensive then you'll ever find it
March 20, 2010

In case you weren't satisfied picking it up for 5.70, you can now purchase Defiant Light for 119.00 USD:



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