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Sorry, but I haven't yet shared the information about myself that would typically display here. Check back later to see if that changes, or if I instead choose to remain an enigma.

Die in Obscurity
October 27, 2009

My latest review is one I hope Overdrive will read because it's for the same game... different system.

Epic Fail
October 26, 2009

Link to fail

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Games I've been meaning to review summed up in three sentences
October 26, 2009

Because two isn't challenging enough.

Heavenly Sword
I don't trust American Voice Acting, which is okay because Heavenly Sword lets you play it in French. It also features the best crowd scenes of any game. Shame it features some of the worst boss fights.


FF Dissidia
The story plays like a collection of “what is this Final Fantasy character going to whine about?” For some of the characters this works fine, namely Tidus and Squall. Then you get to kill them.


The Darkness
I really enjoyed watching To Kill a Mockingbird. Definitely one of the finest films to have ever been made. Then I remembered I had a terrible game to beat.


Uncharted 2

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Obscure II: The Aftermath
October 24, 2009

If any staff are around and have the time, this one's been sitting in the production room all last night and all today. I don't want to come off as pushy, because that's not my intent. I'm just trying to get reviews turned around as quick as possible to best benefit the site.

FF7 is popular
October 23, 2009

I just wanted to point out that the FF7 review has gained 168 views in a day, passing some reviews that have been up for months.

I'm telling you... it's a good one to have on your resume.


The day that Nintendo releases the Earthbound trilogy...
October 17, 2009

... is the day I start playing Nintendo games again. Hell, I'd probably REBUY a Wii exclusively for the purpose of playing such a release, though it would rip out a large chunk of my...

... soul.


Another list that doesn't suck
October 15, 2009

It feels somewhat hypocritical to post with jubilation a top 100 list I enjoyed right after I denounced personal lists in a previous blog post.

HOWEVER. This list rocks.

I desire to briefly explain myself. First of all, it's a list of NES games. That makes it so irrelevant that I can enjoy it without having a personal investment beyond the occasional "yeah... that was a good game."

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