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Video game pet peeve: Alarms
March 15, 2010

I cannot understand why any developer would think it a good idea to have alarms blaring for an entire level, battles included. It's goddamn annoying and yet Square Enix seems obsessed with it, having at least one thirty minute segment in FFXII and FFXIII where this occurs. Makes me want to cry and scream at the same time.


Children without eyes
March 08, 2010

I spent a good part of today in Salem, Oregon, location scouting at the Fairview Training Center, originally known as the Center for the Feeble Minded.

The place is a gathering of many buildings in an area the size of a small village. All the buildings are condemned, but we were able to get inside (with permission) by going through tunnels that span the entire facility (more than 50 miles of tunnels).

Through this, we ended up in an abandoned children's hospital. Very Silent-Hill decor, especially one mural which depicted children running around with balloons.

All the children's eyes had been scratched out.

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Everyone watching the Oscars?
March 07, 2010

I'm keeping track at work. Current highlights:

Neil Patrick Harris doing the surprise opening song and dance routine. I love that guy, though I couldn't get into Dr. Evil's sing-along-blog (sorry Will).

Christophe Waltz won for best supporting actor. No surprise there but it is a nice confirmation that all is right in the universe.

Up won best animated, another non-surprise, though there were many good animateds this year (Coraline was great, for instance, as was Nine).

Logorama won the best animated short, which is nice seeing as it took them 6 years to make it. Probably no one but me has heard of that film, though.

I sadly didn't know any of the live action shorts, which is depressing considering I'm trying to make a short.

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Another week, another review of the week
March 07, 2010

Link to see the winner

Am I the FF rep?
March 04, 2010

Am I the only one here who is going to be picking up FFXIII on launch date?


Heavy Rain review up (part 2 of a trio?)
March 04, 2010


I've been advertising this alongside Jason's review, since I think the two together give an extremely well-rounded view of what Heavy Rain has to offer. What we need now is for Lewis to write a character, visual, and theme analysis.

I was really tempted to do that for this review, but I felt it would give away too much of the secretive plot. Instead I chose to focus on the unique consequences of the game... unique because they really make you feel them.

I'm saying it now for my own good and so I have witnesses
March 04, 2010

No nothing really all that serious. I just need to get my Heavy Rain review done by tomorrow. This is a solemn promise to have it posted, even if it means it won't be eligible for the ROTW that week.

Maybe I'll post it as a staff review, in that case.

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