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Come here to find the latest posts from the 20 bloggers who most recently posted on the site. The site checks the last 200 posts and then displays the freshest results from the individual bloggers who contributed, up to a total of 20 posts. That should make it easier to find the active bloggers you may have missed, in cases where a few bloggers are especially active and dominate the front page. Please note that news/press updates are excluded from the search. You can find those articles here.

Newest Posts

The Big List of Games I Beat in 2021 pt.8

Posted on Nov 11, 2021

So many horror games. So little time.

Games from October

Posted on Nov 06, 2021

No description is available for this post.

Jerec's Games of October 2021

Posted on Oct 31, 2021

Returned to the world of gainful employment. Money and Time have switched places, as they do.

What am I playing now?

Posted on Sep 23, 2021

Let's see if I can remember!

The Steam Marketplace Massacre: The Music Machine will be playing soon.

Posted on Sep 18, 2021

What else does a coming of age story need except ghostly possession, interdimensional travel, and cosmic horror?

The best music for gaming

Posted on Sep 11, 2021

No description is available for this post.

So I finally got around to publishing another book...

Posted on Aug 22, 2021

My first new book in a very long time is available on Amazon, and you may not even have to pay to read it.

It's here!

Posted on Aug 22, 2021

No description is available for this post.

Watched Mortal Kombat at last

Posted on Aug 03, 2021


Top Co-Op Games to Enjoy This Summer

Posted on May 06, 2021

There’s some charm in just shutting the world out at the end of a hard day and devoting a few hours to playing your favorite PS4 or Windows

Making Words In Jumble Puzzles

Posted on Apr 24, 2021

Resolving Word Jumbles While Using The Word Jumble Solver

The Problem with Pokémon

Posted on Mar 25, 2021

Overthinking the Present and Overwriting the Past

Sentimental K

Posted on Feb 23, 2021

I helped localize a game


Posted on Nov 22, 2020

No description is available for this post.

Use Wordscapes Answers To Pass Levels and Spend Hours Of Playing The Game

Posted on Aug 14, 2020

In the game, a person is provided a circle of letters that they is required to make use of to solve the Wordscapes puzzle.

Gaming Update - July 25, 2020

Posted on Jul 25, 2020

How did we get here?

1.2K words about Havok physics

Posted on Apr 25, 2020

I think it's time we gave it up for that little yellow logo

Doom 64 Remaster

Posted on Mar 21, 2020

I gotta say, this game feels pretty easy with a mouse and keyboard.

Revisiting Bard's Tale

Posted on Jan 30, 2020

Grinding ain't as fun as it used to be! Because I've grown. I hope.

Some Rambo: Last Blood Thoughts

Posted on Sep 29, 2019

I tried keeping an open mind.

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