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No longer with youtube and twitter
November 19, 2023

I had endured quite a bit using these two things over the years, and while they weren't my favorite, I still had a time of productivity with them. But now that I can't even be able to sign on either, all thanks to the fact the email connected with both cant be recuperated (thanks GOOGLE,) I am just leaving them at limbo until I can go back.

However while I *may* continue using "X," youtube is something I'm leaving behind. I am sick and tired on how this site treats content creators and members alike, myself included, and the fact that my account probably will be deleted either way since the email used to log on has not been used in years, and I can't log into it either way. Therefore it will stay there as long as it may.

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Thank you Nintendo
November 17, 2023

Following what I posted about jerks at google deleting accounts, I ventured into changing my own email on my Nintendo account, being I didn't want anything happening and possibly lose access if that other gmail account was deleted. Finding out that I have no access to said email in order to do such things I decided to give Nintendo customer service a call and they got no problem in changing it for me. I am very grateful and now can have piece of mind knowing my games and data are safe once more. Eat it google.

Google to delete Gmail accounts
November 16, 2023

Alright, so Google announced that beginning this December it will delete old, unused Gmail accounts, seemingly over two years old and so it goes. Personally, I don't see the point to this other than to continue to annoy anyone who ever bothered to create such and just keep making it a miserable experience to even take them seriously anymore.

And since it's google we're talking about here, there is a guarantee that they will continue making such outlandish decisions, to the point of even just deleting accounts without any other excuses given. I really do not trust them and had pretty much stop using other services of theirs like uploading to youtube altogether. The latter because such site has become quite insufferable ever since google got it's grimy hands on it.

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The Nintendo Switch
June 04, 2023

The last Nintendo console I ever owned was the Gameboy Advance SP, which I still keep along all games bought for it and is one of the most treasured things I hold on to this day. Have never thought on buying another console from this brand, although I had tried the GameCube being borrowed to play Starfox Armada when it came out at video rental stores.

In fact, the last console I ever bought by myself was the PS3, and not much else. I had noticed the Switch and some games on it, but never thought on getting one till a couple years back, and after my experiences with it, I do wish I had bought one way before then.

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Watched Mortal Kombat at last
August 03, 2021

Well I finally got to see Mortal Kombat which came out early this year and I will say its pretty darn good. It does have its flaws and plotholes here and there, but the fact that it includes what many of us wanted it in a movie adaptation of the intensely violent game such as gore and fatalities made it quite special and hit me right into my nostalgic, beating heart as Kano holds it out the fresh cavity of my being.

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Bullies befriending bullies
July 30, 2021

By now everyone knows how horrid people on twitter and anything related to social media can be. Everything from bullies harassing you and those who give you a false sense of security by siding with you as long as you always agree with what they say and think, otherwise they will turn on you and even side with said psychos attacking you online out of spite.

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Tokyo 2021 opens up with gaming
July 23, 2021

The 2021 Olympics held at Tokyo opened up with a gaming overture of classic themes from classic games and other hit videogames. Athletes marched upon brandishing their flags representing each participating country into the stadium as the overture played in loop till all were introduced. The entire list of tracks played can be seen below, courtesy of an article posted at Asia NIKKEI-Dragon Quest - "Overture: Roto's Theme"Final Fantasy - "Victory Fanfare"Tales of series - "Sorey's Theme - The Shepherd"Monster Hunter - "Proof of a Hero"Kingdom Hearts - "Olympus Coliseum"Chrono Trigger - "Frog's Theme"Ace Combat - "First Flight"Tales of series - "Pomp and Majesty"Monster Hunter - "Wind of Departure"Chrono Trigger - "Robo's Theme"Sonic the Hedgehog - "Star Light Zone"

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