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Forget twitter
January 14, 2021

I had only two accounts since 2012 when I made the mistake on joining twitter. One for gaming of course, the other for anything else. While I never bothered to announce that other account I chose it to be that way, because I talked about other things I enjoyed non-gaming related. Well when 2020 happened things had changed drastically and while twitter has been known to be a cesspool of toxic substances to anyone using it, that year became the catalyst to how I decided was not worth ever using anymore thereafter, with 2021 being the beginning on how everything fall apart between me and that volatile social media outlet.

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Some youtubbers I no longer follow
January 06, 2021

At some point I would had subscribed to certain channels of what you refer to as "youtubbers" uploading videos reviewing games or any other subject they would make their topic about. Others I never bothered with although I had noticed on their level of popularity with certain demographics online.

But then you find out stuff about these individuals that just make you stay away from them and not bother with for the rest of your life. Such things are also pretty serious as you will read on about below and not just any other thing which you would roll your eyes at on me using such as reasons to not bother with them.

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Cheap controllers while being cheap overall
January 02, 2021

I am flat broke, I had already so many problems that I cannot afford to spend money on things like a gamepad t play games on my PC. However when you see something that strikes you as a bargain for the tine being till you can afford better, you cannot help but to try it out. The results can be quite disastrous overall.

This is one of such instances with said cheap products. The JDROAD brand is the cheapest controller you could ever bother to get both in price AND quality. Hell, my first pad was a Logitech brand which was leagues better than this and only costed me $19.99 plus tax at some walmart. I am not sure how I could ever thing something like this would be as good but like I said, economy issues.

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An Eggman Carol
December 26, 2020

And when I say *twist* I do mean it. Sonic Stadium unveils a link to a vcide upload on youtube, featuring Eggman as Scrooge and having Sonic and his pals try to make him see the meaning of the Holidays. The ending here is just perfect as soon as you think you know how the outcome will play out.

Power Stone, the Anime
December 03, 2020

Finished watching the Anime adaptation of Power Stone not long ago. For those who know it, Power Stone was a Capcom game that got ported to the SEGA Dreamcast in the late 90s and seemingly acquired quite the popular vote by gamers to the point of becoming a cult classic nowadays. I had never played the game myself, probably might never get the chance to either, but at least saw its animation adaptation so there is that.

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Tekken the movies
November 14, 2020

By now I have seen all what the media could ever get out of Namco's flagship fighting series, Tekken and the whole consensus can be determined that all are hits and misses altogether. The live action movies leave a lot to be desired and the Anime does it as well, although it does try to at least have some sort of substance on its story instead of just being totally mindless like most fighting game animated ports.

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Shining Force II longplay
November 03, 2020

Been working on playing Shining Force II and uploading it in parts. My connection is crap however, making such uploads last for DAYS even, and I hope to finish the game and upload it all before the year ends. A playlist has also been created to add more videos of my playthrough.

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