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Jerec's Games of April 2021
April 30, 2021

Another month of gaming!


Persona 5: The Phantom Strikers (PS4)

This was a satisfying experience all around. It felt like a true and proper sequel to Persona 5, although since they worked on Royal at probably the same time, the additional content doesn't mesh as well. But that's okay. Some really awesome moments in the latter half of the game - some that fit right up there with moments from the original. I think I was about half way through by the end of March, and I knocked out the last section of the game today so it would count as an April finish, although there are still some post-game missions to do, and the remaining trophies don't look too difficult to obtain. But I'm counting this one as done since I beat the final boss and watched the end credits.

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Jerec's Games of March 2021
March 30, 2021

Edit - a little early, but it's the afternoon of the 31st here and I don't imagine I'm going to finish another game today.


Ys I (PC)

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Jerec's Games of February 2021
February 28, 2021


The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC (Steam)

This one clocked in at around 85 hours (in game), though Steam says it's around 63 hours. An interesting side effect of Turbo mode is that it basically speeds up time. I was absolutely hooked on this, finishing it up pretty early in February. So much character development, and a very engaging story that pays off all the setup from this game and the previous title. As soon as I finished it, I launched right into the third game.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky The 3rd (Steam)

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Jerec's Games of January 2021
January 31, 2021

Writing up my whole year of gaming progress for last year was a bit of a challenge (and there might've been some stuff I forgot), so I'mma try to do this monthly.


The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky FC (Steam)

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Jerec's Games of 2020
January 01, 2021

My gaming time in the last six years was drastically cut down. Being an adult with a full time job, living on my own, didn't always leave a lot of time for games. I might get a couple of hours in on a weekend. It took a special game to actually get me playing in the evening after work (I generally just watched TV shows until it was time to sleep).

Disco Elysium (PC)

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Thanks Jason, message received
May 17, 2019

"Hello, jerec, and thank you for being a member of the HonestGamers community! Your participation helps make the site better for everyone. Remember that your account lets you contribute reviews, post on the forums, update your blog and even track your game collection on the site. Just let staff know if you're having any trouble with anything, and let's have fun celebrating video games together!"

I was greeted by this message today. I guess it has been over a year since I wrote a review. It's probably been about that long since I beat a video game. It's become less of a priority in my life, I suppose. I much prefer building stuff with LEGO... anything to get away from the screen for a bit.


Can't think of a title for your game?
January 07, 2019


There's probably more.


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