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Welcome to the site's "Links" page, where you can find links to other sites on the Internet that we believe provide high-quality content likely to interest our viewers (that would be you, in this instance). Would you like to link to us? We're cool with that. Would you like us to link to you? We might even be cool with that! Just let us know and maybe we can work something out... if we like your site.

Gaming Sites & Blogs

Console Obsession is a great site for some fantastic coverage of the games the 'big boys' might not be worrying about. Look for interesting interviews (and of course reviews) of a variety of games old and new, written by people passionate about what they do... from a UK sort of perspective.

Infinity Retro offers reviews for a wide variety of really old games on your favorite old platforms, including obscure imports, classics and everything in between.

Pro Fanboy includes coverage about some of your favorite systems and games, with some fun and fairly extensive lists you might enjoy (check out the list of 100 great games for the PSP if you're looking for ideas on what to play next).

Sega-16 puts all of its focus exactly where you'd expect, on kickass coverage of the 16-bit age from a wholly SEGA perspective. Relive one of the greatest moments in gaming history... EVER!

SNES Hub features a selection of reviews written for Super Nintendo games by serious retro gamers.

Merchants & Services

We're careful not to fill our site with ads, but sometimes people like to help us out when they make a purchase from a trusted merchant. Below are some affiliate links to sites you may find helpful. The next time you buy games online, start here first and we'll get a share of the proceeds!

Shop for hot new import games, DVDs and Blu-Rays at Play-Asia
Play-Asia stocks games from all major regions (including Europe, North America and Japan) and ships to them, too! Shop for a host of imports and game rarities!

Do you love our site so much that you'd like to link to it from your blog or web site? We think that's awesome (so much so that we gratuitously bolded the word even though it was completely unnecessary, much like this parenthetical aside). So, if you'd like to link to us, feel free. And if you're a webmaster who wants some linkage, just let us know. The worst we can do is laugh in your face and plot your demise, but that's not really like us at all. We'll probably just say "yes" or "no" and either add the link or not at our leisure.

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