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Join Our Team!

We are actively seeking additional volunteers as we continue building HonestGamers into a superior source for video game reviews, news and guides. We currently can't pay the people we bring on board, but our goal is to change that in the future by working to expand our coverage and our audience today. If you're serious about improving your craft and you see the potential HonestGamers has to do even greater things, please get in touch by email via jason AT honestgamers DOT com. Provide links to work you've previously posted online (a personal blog is fine), tell us where you're from and let us know what hardware you have and what sort of games you'd like to cover. Or, if you'd prefer to get involved more gradually, sign up for a free user account right now and start your journey!

Gary Hartley (Editor)

We wish we could survive without EmP, but he's long since become a necessary evil we endure rather than enjoy. We thought we got rid of him once, but he quickly rose back to power, like a British Mickey Rourke, just with laser breath and nasty habits like constant complaining and overt meanness. When he's not penning reviews on anything from cutting-edge next-gen titles to long-forgotten Mega CD games (he makes us refer to all consoles by their PAL name and spell 'colour' with the 'u') he can be found lurking in dark corners with a sly smirk and what we fear might be a tin of gasoline and a box of matches. Please help us keep him busy. Our homes may depend on it!

Jason Venter (Editor-in-Chief)

Jason's bio is the best of all, and the shortest too! Clearly he's not over-compensating for anything.

Joseph Shaffer (Editor)

We're pretty sure that JoeTheDestroyer was created in the '90s when a truckload of toxic waste collided with a video rental store. After rising from the resultant pool of sludge, he waited until 2010 to begin typing reviews of ancient and/or obscure video games and movies. While selecting a venue for his onslaught, he happened upon our site and we haven't been rid of him since.

Marc Golding (Editor)

Those who have contributed much to the site at all in recent times have probably run into Masters. When he's not updating listings (you know, the boring part of working on the site) and the like, he's providing critiques and making the site a better place to be in general. Always quick to lend a helping hand when it's needed, Marc has made it clear that there are many wannabes but only one master.

Rob Hamilton (Editor)

When someone like overdrive asks if he can join site staff, you have to ask yourself the same question he did: "Why not?" So when overdrive did ask, our answer was the very same question: "Why not?" It doesn't hurt that overdrive brings with him some insane knowledge about old shooters and various other scraps of the retro realm. It doesn't hurt at all!

Prolific Freelancers

Below is a partial list of the freelancers and past staff members who have most frequently contributed staff reviews to the site throughout the years. Those listed below have posted 10 or more such reviews.

Louis Bedigian
Josh Higley
Tom Chick
Mike Suskie
Lewis Denby
Brittany Vincent

If you are a past contributor who meets the qualifications and you would like your name to be added to the above list, let us know and we'll fix that. We don't want to deprive you of your due recognition!

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