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No longer with youtube and twitter
November 19, 2023

I had endured quite a bit using these two things over the years, and while they weren't my favorite, I still had a time of productivity with them. But now that I can't even be able to sign on either, all thanks to the fact the email connected with both cant be recuperated (thanks GOOGLE,) I am just leaving them at limbo until I can go back.

However while I *may* continue using "X," youtube is something I'm leaving behind. I am sick and tired on how this site treats content creators and members alike, myself included, and the fact that my account probably will be deleted either way since the email used to log on has not been used in years, and I can't log into it either way. Therefore it will stay there as long as it may.

Been thinking of using other places like TikTok since you can upload short videos and don't have to bother with so much nonsense like youtube gives out. I know there are other places to upload video content, but TikTok seems a more comfortable choice despite it's own reputation.

In any case, I don't create much at all either way, I simply upload game sessions I play and don't even bother with making playthroughs or anything of the sort. To me this was just a passing fad.

And as stated, I'm tired of Google and it's BS overall. Not going to bother with them for as long as I live.

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