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What I've played in the last few months
February 20, 2024

RoboCop: Rogue City

I'm a massive fan of this license. Peter Weller being back to voice Murphy is great, and so is the usage of the score during shootouts and dramatic moments. I played through immediately on release, and since then there has been an update adding a New Game Plus mode. Definitely looking forward to going back as a more invincible version of RoboCop.

Sonic Superstars

Not bad at all! A very fun game for 2D Sonic fans. I would have preferred sprite graphics, but the level design is fun. So is the boss design, though it seems most commenters strongly disagree with me. I was at a game convention where Sega had a booth for this one and got a free Sonic Superstars file holder! Sick.


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Sentimental K
February 23, 2021

Hey everybody. I got my name in the credits of the early access game "Sentimental K" after I helped redo some of the English localization. It's a fun roguelite. I have some Steam keys so feel free to DM me and I'll give them out until I run out.


Hoard on PSP and Steam
January 18, 2015

I just reviewed the PS3 version of Hoard, and I wanted to use this space to note the differences between that version and the PSP and Steam versions.

First, the PSP version. Unfortunately, it was released years before cross buy was a thing, so you'll have to pay full price for the title even if you already own the console version. Also, there is no multiplayer support whatsoever, so a major element of the game is missing. Additionally, I experienced multiple save file corruptions that lost my progress through the challenges. That isn't really a huge deal, the challenges can be tackled in any order and don't unlock anything.

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