Invalid characterset or character set not supported What I've played in the last few months

What I've played in the last few months
February 20, 2024

RoboCop: Rogue City

I'm a massive fan of this license. Peter Weller being back to voice Murphy is great, and so is the usage of the score during shootouts and dramatic moments. I played through immediately on release, and since then there has been an update adding a New Game Plus mode. Definitely looking forward to going back as a more invincible version of RoboCop.

Sonic Superstars

Not bad at all! A very fun game for 2D Sonic fans. I would have preferred sprite graphics, but the level design is fun. So is the boss design, though it seems most commenters strongly disagree with me. I was at a game convention where Sega had a booth for this one and got a free Sonic Superstars file holder! Sick.


It's really, really addictive to set up workflows for your bases and try to improve them. For someone who hasn't touched a Pokemon game after Gold, seeing a world full of 3D monsters battling each other and NPCs is fun enough, let alone being able to craft weapons and join in battles directly. I don't know or care if they crossed a line into anything legally actionable, but sure hope no lawsuits ruin my good time.

It does get extremely grindy at a certain point, and it seems like a lot of bosses/legendaries can't be dealt with until your level is in the 40s (and the level cap is 50). I'm still playing regularly at level 44 but it's a bit of a slog.

Tomb Raider I-III Remastered

It's I-III, with native Steam controller support and true widescreen without any tinkering. Just that makes it worth it for me. The remastered graphics are nice as well, despite some visual issues that I'm sure will be patched out soon. Like the Halo collection, you can switch graphics modes on the fly which is really fun. It would be nice if TR IV and V got the same treatment, either as DLC or their own collection.

honestgamer honestgamer - February 23, 2024 (02:15 PM)
I bought Palworld in case I needed to cover it elsewhere, but then I got busy with other stuff. It has sold so many copies by this point! Sonic Superstars is one I wouldn't mind playing, but I think it got lost in the rush of releases around the same time. 2023 was a great year!

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