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Back in the day!
March 11, 2023

Damn, this site brings me back. I remember really enjoying being on AIM messenger group chats with people like Runinruder, Masters, FFMrebirth, bluberry, Zigfried etc. those were good times. I take it not many people from that group still contribute here?

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honestgamer honestgamer - March 12, 2023 (03:28 PM)
Masters sometimes posts. Zigfried sometimes still lurks, I think. None of the people you mentioned post regularly, and most of them haven't been seen around at all in at least a few years. I hope the site can revive its activity and continue forward as a lot more than an archive for great memories. But the plain truth is that not nearly as many people seem to enjoy writing about games as a hobby anymore. We're still here for those people who do, though!
Vorty Vorty - March 13, 2023 (01:13 AM)
Well I have a ton of titles to get through as well as rewriting some old reviews.
jason jason - March 13, 2023 (05:41 PM)
Welcome back :)
dementedhut dementedhut - March 14, 2023 (12:25 AM)
Interestingly, me and bluberry didn't chat all that much on the site itself back when he used to submit reviews, but we used to chat everyday on instant messaging. His Ninety-Nine Nights review is a good example of how we chatted. He literally grabbed that conversation from our discussion of the game, haha. We often had a good chuckle over goofy stuff, whether it was random things we found on the web or weird things that would pass as "drama" back in the day on this site.

Nowadays, we talk to each other through email every couple days.
Vorty Vorty - March 14, 2023 (01:08 AM)
I actually had him and Genj on my personal Facebook at one point. Hope they're all doing well
overdrive overdrive - March 16, 2023 (07:18 AM)
Masters had a really good year or so of reviewing not that long ago -- 2-3 years ago, I think.

Blu and I had a good run on IM, too, back in the day. Especially when it was Team Tournament time and our teams were ready to match up against each other. Since we knew the judges really "loved" getting Doom reviews every year (complete with comments along the lines of hoping they never saw one again), we made sure to have Doom-offs whenever we went against each other -- either Doom games, Doom fan-made .wads or Doom clones. One year, we even challenged ourselves to throw in a few lines we made joking around on IM one night just to see if we could do it without those lines looking WAY out of place. That was a fun time.
whelkman whelkman - March 22, 2023 (08:51 PM)
I drop by about once a year or two at this point, mostly to read a review of some old game by a familiar author. It's nice to see the place still around and going the distance. HonestGamers has to be one of the oldest continually active independently run websites at this point.
Masters Masters - April 19, 2023 (10:11 AM)
Masters had a really good year or so of reviewing not that long ago -- 2-3 years ago, I think.

Yes, he did. Time flies! :(

Things are decidedly quieter these days, it seems? But I note that OD, Joe and pickhut are still putting in work.

But man...! Vortex and Whelkman! Time machine vibes.
draculasrevenge draculasrevenge - April 29, 2023 (10:42 AM)
Glad this site hasnít disappeared, always fun to come back to read a few classic reviews every couple years or so and look back at some of my old posts (though a lot of my old stuff makes me cringe now lol)
justjess justjess - August 01, 2023 (09:29 PM)
Happened to see this tonight - I used to go by asherdeus way back when, in another life. I still lurk around occasionally. Itís great to see many of you here. :))
Masters Masters - August 04, 2023 (12:19 PM)
Asherdeus! Wow, it's been a long time. I hope you're well.

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