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Please use this form to contact site staff. Questions already answered in the site's User Help section may be ignored. Briefly, here are answers to the most common inquiries we receive:

  • We will not run sponsored articles or guest posts on the main site.
  • Affiliate marketing programs and banner ad networks don't really work for us.
  • We are not interested in your SEO, marketing or design services at this time.
  • We will not be using your services to meet women for sex in our city.
  • We have no interest in cryptocurrency and couldn't afford to invest even if we did.
  • We are happy to accept review keys for potential coverage, which you can send using this form, but our resources are limited and we can't cover everything.
If you would like more information on most of the above points, you can find it in the aforementioned User Help section, or you can go ahead and use the contact form and take your chances. We're pretty friendly most of the time, we like to think, and we will try to respond to most messages when we have anything to add to the above.

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