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Final Fantasy Unlimited
March 03, 2021

Released in 2001, it lasted two seasons, all covering an entirely original story with no relation to any game established up to that point. The Anime here does have various call backs to what the game series are about, and the
artsyle is pretty colorful and, well, fantasy like.

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Revisiting Final Fantasy (NES)
March 03, 2021

Had started a playthrough of the original Final Fantasy using an all Red Mage party, first thinking on using White Mages as to challenge what others had done before, but after some thought I had decided to use the aforementioned class, being that they cover most of other classes in terms of magic and physical combat, but also because they look so darn cool as well.

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Dinosaur Planet ROM released.
February 28, 2021

I posted my last blog entry about gameplay shown comparing the mostly adorable Dinosaur Planet with the meh-looking Starfox Adventures, noting that Fox being in said prototype was most likely part of the reconstruction into the latter game.

Well guess I was right on that observation. On a article at SyFy's website it tells the story on how a group called Forest of Illusion got a copy of a mostly finished ROM that was intended for the Nintendo 64 before scrapped and moved to Gamecube as part of the Starfox franchise. The video I posted here on my last update shows said ROM which now anyone can seemingly try and play. Said ROM was leaked this month too shockingly enough, so any Rare fan is not too late to experience it.

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Dinosaur Planet (Protoype)/Starfox Adventures gameplay comparison
February 25, 2021

Have just watched a youtube video upload of Rare's scrapped game and the end result of said game with Starfox Adventures playing side by side. I have never seen the original game in motion before and can state it looked quite good and probably would had gotten my interest a whole lot more than what it ended up becoming.

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Playing Mother 3
February 14, 2021

Finally getting a try on playing Mother 3 on GBA. Found an emulated fan translated ROM at a site dedicated to the Earthbound series and so far its pretty intriguing albeit difficult. I am finding out using strategies in some spots is pretty much key in order to go forward, unlike its predecessor on which you can simply attack and use PSI attacks till enemies are done for.

The fight mechanic is tweaked a bit here, allowing you to make more than one hit when you got the know how. Just like its previous entries the game uses contemporary settings and tropes akin to our contemporary world instead of a medieval fantasy world, although monetary tropes here have been replaced by trading goods in order to get items to replenish HP/status/PSI and equipment.

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Sonic Prime
February 01, 2021

So the title to the new Sonic series has been announced, but don't get your hopes up on revealing anything that contribute to what will be about other than being on 3D.

Sonic Prime article at Sonic Stadium

Forget twitter
January 14, 2021

I had only two accounts since 2012 when I made the mistake on joining twitter. One for gaming of course, the other for anything else. While I never bothered to announce that other account I chose it to be that way, because I talked about other things I enjoyed non-gaming related. Well when 2020 happened things had changed drastically and while twitter has been known to be a cesspool of toxic substances to anyone using it, that year became the catalyst to how I decided was not worth ever using anymore thereafter, with 2021 being the beginning on how everything fall apart between me and that volatile social media outlet.

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