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May 18, 2019

Oh boy.

Oh boy!

I cannot contain my excitement over the fact that I get to finally experience Netflix's animated Castlevania series. Now on its talked 3rd Season, it had surprised many expectations from all those who experienced it when it came out couple years back. I am very lucky I was able to check the first season (a whole total of 4 episodes) on DVD after finding out the city's library catalog had a copy somewhere around. As it is, I do not have the budget to get such luxuries which had me blue until I was able to at least check the series this way.

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Finally finished Breath of Fire
May 15, 2019

After the various tumultuous problems I had to deal with, was able to go back to games I was currently finishing and BoF for SNES was one. I will point out Jade, the boss you face before Tyr was more of a problem than the final battle I faced. I would challenge Tyr once again without having to use Agni to see how difficult she would really be, but I can say with Jade having a one hit spell instant kill really did a number on me the entire time I tried defeated him. Even with the ultimate spell to beat her, it took quite a number of hits to bring Tyr down. She had quite the healthy number of HP as a final boss.

It was a good run with a great game. Will go on playing the sequel soon and get to the other two sequels on the PSX.


Double Dragon V- An Overview
May 11, 2019

Double Dragon V was published by Tradewest who was responsible for the first game in the series adapted for NES, so I guess it would count as "canon" if you accept that fact. Released for various systems, DDV was made into a fighting game rather than a beat'em up as most of the games in the series are known for. This was not the first time a Double Dragon fighting game was made however.

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Projared controversy explodes on the Internet
May 10, 2019

Recently Social Media and youtube have been trashing relentlessly on Projared, a gaming youtuber in the veins of AVGN and the like. The reason behind it came about when his wife would tweet about finding about his infidelity with Commander Holly, who is part of the youtube channel Game Grumps. The incident came into light after Projared's then wife announced his infidelity on twitter.

The controversy even dragged another youtuber named Jontron, who seemingly had nothing to do with Projared's infamous drama yet some feel he is just as bad for having made racist comments about certain ethnicities at some point.

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The problem with Animal Crossing
May 05, 2019

Animal Crossing is one of those games that I simply lose interest after I play it for a while, kind of like The Sims game series. I simply don't see the point about a game that makes me feel pressured to pick it up after an hour or less because I MUST do something in said game. I still remember the time I tried The Sims on PlayStation 2. The only thing I ever did at the beginning was cleaning up a seemingly endless pile of trash that kept appearing at my character's house every two damn seconds. I ragequit it and sold the game immediately. I stopped caring about said series altogether. The only game I cared enough to play was The Urbz, which had a more considerate way to have you play the game whenever you felt like and have your Sim live their life as they would want without wanting

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Sonic getting a redesign (supposedly)
May 03, 2019

With only 6 months before release, Paramount jumped on their tablets and began working on a new look that would calm Sonic fans down. This is getting to be the worst thing ever on a videogame movie. Ever since that teaser last year the internet has been riding on Paramount's ass about how Sonic looks and after the first official trailer showed up, little has changed. Is all this troubl worth it however? How much will the studio pony up just to have the movie fans supposedly want?

In other news, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert featured their own statement about Sonic's teeth. It ends up with his musical band performing the Green Hill Zone tune in piano which was so damn good. Link below for all to watch.

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So the Sonic Movie trailer hit youtube today...
April 30, 2019

So the new trailer for that Sonic movie is out and it was pretty much as I expected it to be. Uninspiring. I never had high expectations to begin with after Paramount showed that creepy "motion teaser" thing last year, and I am confident to say this movie has ended before it even began anyway. I already had my reservations on the awful look of what is supposed to be the blue blur therefore I tried to ignore that part of the trailer as it unfolded on my eyes. Most of the footage reminds me of ANOTHER movie that came out years ago with the same premise of an otherworldly animal hopping to our reality and finding a hapless human being who decides to help him in any other way for the sake of the movie's plot. Hop. That movie was not exactly memorable for anything worthwhile as this trail

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