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The Nintendo Switch
June 04, 2023

The last Nintendo console I ever owned was the Gameboy Advance SP, which I still keep along all games bought for it and is one of the most treasured things I hold on to this day. Have never thought on buying another console from this brand, although I had tried the GameCube being borrowed to play Starfox Armada when it came out at video rental stores.

In fact, the last console I ever bought by myself was the PS3, and not much else. I had noticed the Switch and some games on it, but never thought on getting one till a couple years back, and after my experiences with it, I do wish I had bought one way before then.

The Switch became a portal to a world I had forgotten about, filled with familiar properties like Super Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, and Metroid, along with compilations that included nostalgic memories from Atari and SEGA for the Genesis. It also led me to rare sequels like Streets of Rage 4 which I played with glee while nodding to the sick soundtrack tailor made for it, as well as others like Spyro and Crash Bandicoot games, both which took me back to my days when I explored Sony's PlayStation and its wondrous world of 32-Bit gaming.

It did not helped that this system is also the least expensive of any in the market, as well as the fact that it just feels right whenever I play at any given time. The Switch Lite is a dream come true for me overall.

I hear a new system will be out soon, and that it may well be backwards compatible with this system, so I'm not too worried about getting late to the party at this time. If anything, I will continue playing until I am too old to hold it in my hands, still smiling at how this console alone made me feel like a kid again.

Did I mention that with their direct store you get to play NES, SNES, Gameboy, classics for no money? Why would I ever want to try anything else?

If you excuse me, I hear Starfox 2 calling.

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honestgamer honestgamer - July 15, 2023 (01:08 PM)
I never really lost my faith in Nintendo, but the Switch is definitely what happens when the company is firing on all cylinders. It's my favorite Nintendo system since the SNES. And depending when you ask me, I might say I like it more than the SNES. Really, the main reason someone would pick those older systems ahead of the Switch is nostalgia. I just love the NES and SNES games so much because they had such impact on my life and developed my lifelong affection for the medium, but the Switch is Nintendo's best platform ever, if a person can divorce themselves from that old nostalgia (plus, as noted, you can play a lot of those old gems through Nintendo Switch Online).

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