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The Secret/Legend of Mana connection
July 19, 2020

As you may well know by now, the Mana series started as a spinoff Squaresoft's titular Final Fantasy series on the gameboy titled Final Fantasy Legend, at least outside Japan anyway being that it was originally called Seiken Densetsu, legend of the holy sword. Taking in perspective the American title, we can see that it shared some elements with the Final Fantasy series, including Chocobos, Moogles, and other things that would be shown in later installations of the series, such as Black Mages images shown in Legend of Mana, which was introduced years later on the PlayStation console. There was something else that Legend of Mana would be having in common with its own series however, that being that some save points in the game featured statues of the Sprite who was one of the playable cha

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Finished Legend of Mana
July 18, 2020

It had taken me years to do so but finally finished another game which I started way back on my Blockbuster Video employee days. Legend of Mana is not perfect by any means but it has gorgeous visuals and enthralling soundtrack along with unique stories to play through.

Speaking of said stories I went on ahead and finished the game with some of them unfinished, being that when I tried to at least complete a couple more before ending the game the crappy emulator (with a crappier PC I own) would freeze the game and make it impossible for me to do anything further, so I went ahead and finished the game right there and then.

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Forget you Discord
July 15, 2020

I have posted last blog about my disdain towards Discord and Reddit, being that they mostly are used for kids that love memes while at the same time causing harm and problems for anyone else who tries to use such things for legitimate reasons. Simply put, both are just glorified message boards and chatrooms, each which share the same level of negative, toxic instances and with such toxic individuals using it will never amount to anything else other than being a breeding ground for bullies to hurt others.

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Why I don't take Discord and Reddit seriously
July 14, 2020

The reason why I don't bother with chatrooms and message boards. I hate both type of things and the current places like "discord and reddit" are a prime example of such things, being they both are similar platforms I am ranting about more than things like twitter and the like.

Simply put, there is a variety of reasons as to why I dont bother socializing in such places anymore.


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Vampire Savior
July 04, 2020

While I've known AND played the original Dasrkstalkers back when Capcom released it in the Arcades in the 90s, Darkstalkers 3 was the game which I owned for PlayStation and one I got myself acquainted with the most. I would later learn that this game was a port of the series titled Vampire Savior: Lord of Vampire for Arcades and pretty much had more skills on playing it than past iterations of the monster-filled fighter series. Characters like Felicia had been the easiest for me to master here, as well as Jon Talbain and recently Bishamon.

Beat Lunar Legend
June 30, 2020

In all due honesty it is ironic that I was able to finish this game before I ever bothered to complete the original on the SEGA CD. I started playing the GBA adaptation couple years back and completely forgot about it until recently, which am grateful the SAVE FILE was still intact so I could continue till I finished it not long ago this month. It is quite a nice little title, one that is based more off the PlayStation port without all the Anime cut scenes. There is also something about this title that gives out this serene, nostalgic feeling when you play it. Now that I managed to beat it, I will state that it was pretty short, or at least, it felt like it, but I enjoyed every single instance of it until I beat it.

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The PS5 reveal and game trailers
June 12, 2020

The PS5 has finally been revealed and it looks quite futuristic in design, dropping the dark colors from the previous entries to a slick black on white version. This trailer shown on IGN's channel shows all that it comes with even when it doesn't exactly tell you more than that.

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