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Double Dragon the Cartoon
September 16, 2018

Follow this link to my views on the 90s cartoon.

Double Dragon The Cartoon

Weird oil drum glitch on Double Dragon (NES)
September 12, 2018

Not sure how to add direct links to youtube so here it is, a weird glitch when using the oil drum weapon on the first stage of Double Dragon for NES immediately after you defeat the onscreen enemies before it vanishes. The drum turned into a glitched baseball bat which I could even swing before it dissapeared.


Archive dot Org
September 05, 2018

I just found about this site, archive.org which is a massive site where retrogaming and old movies are archives within its banks. Games rank from PC DOS games to console versions including ZX Expectrum and even PlayStation 1. The archive also houses Arcade games using MAME software to run them, all for free to play and you don't need to register in order to enjoy them, except if you wish to review what you play and wish to contribute. Registration is also free by the way.

Enjoyed varios DOS titles such as Pac-Man, Jazz Jackrabbit (which is near impossible to handle being how awkward jumping is) and revisited the original Wolfeinstein 3D, which was a blast to go through even though I can't seem to get past Level 2.

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Me and Angry Joe
August 31, 2018

Here's a pic of when I found Angry Joe at the hotel where SGC was being held. I asked if I could take his photo but he then grabs my phone and sitands next to me and took a selfie of us both. What a guy.

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Discord is bad for business
August 24, 2018

When I had first starting using Discord I had noticed that this is more like an iirc chat program with more features than any other chat available then. This is a plus, but it also has its negative setbacks. Its a chat program for one, and as all chats you may had experienced, some suffer from biased Staff and Ownership which turn on you on a dime in an unanimous vote to ban you from their server even when presenting evidence on anything that may had happened between you and toxic member of said server. Some even go as far as stating blocking someone for starting trouble with you is a valid excuse. And while you may shrug off being out of a server of many available, Discord actually goes the extra mile with said toxic members spreading ill word about you to other servers they had join

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Been feeling artistic as of late.
August 24, 2018

Decided to draw some retrogaming stuff. Have some Pac-Man:

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Nintendo cracking down on Emulation
August 20, 2018

You probably have already heard on sites like Emuparadise, and probably others as a few videos on youtube have been shown about Nintendo taking down licensed roms from their own line on such sites. While I have already seen that titles like Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros and any other pokemon game rom has already been removed prior to the news about it only now I am seeing that others have been taking noticed and how alarmed they feel about it, which we all should really. I for one have a concern on what if Nintendo actually begins to question any gaming video where there are playthroughs of said licensed titles? While this may be far fetched is pretty much something to consider since the company is going around pulling off games on rom sites and such.

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