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December 2019
December 25, 2019

Merry Christmas to all gamers and to you a Happy new upcoming year, I gave myself my own present by hunting down some PS2 games on thrirft stores, pawn shops, and even Amazon sine I could find forgotten games I had seen at some point (Ninja Assault.)

This was quite a haul, and to have games like Space Channel 5 gives me this nostalgic feeling from when I played it on the Dreamcast all those years ago. I also got some games whose save files I still got on my system, such as Rampage Total Destruction, and others I had yet to try like Resident Evil 4.

All in all it has been an OK last month of this otherwise not so good year, and I think I can be fine with closing it in a high note than a bad one. Hope all of you had a great Holiday today and keep on gaming.

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December 10, 2019

Found a free video editor from NHC Software and it plays more or less like Windows Movie Maker but with more features. This is what I needed, I can't use such programs with more than the basics and Vegas was a pain. For now it is allowing me to edit videos and upload them online, but if they ask to get the full licensed version I will sure try and buy it. This one is what I've been looking for.

I love Thrift Stores
December 04, 2019

And it was fruitful, got Rogue Galaxy for PS2 for the reasonable price of 1 single dollar. I had scoped it on Amazon to see that I pretty much saved a bit more than 10 dollars including shipping. While the game has signs of usage it still plays pretty good. If anything, I can always sand it at places I visit so there was really no way I made a wrong choice overall.

I've ordered more PS2 games on Amazon and I expect them pretty soon, this has become a nice X-Mas so far.


Crappy, crappy DELL PC.
November 25, 2019

So with this cheap system (under 100 dollars in fact,) spazzes all over if I make the mistake of tapping it on its surface, rebooting itself and threatening with messing itself on the inside to the point of me losing anything that I have stored in it. How wonderful. Its bad enough it sports that fallacy of an OS that Windows 10 is, which slows to a CRAWl and even freezes when I try to save a damn image, that on top of it is as fragile as a freakin' house built of cards. I just can't even.

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Sonic Boom
November 22, 2019

Sonic Boom was featured in Cartoon Network in 2014 and lasted over 2 years before it was given the boot.* It was based on SEGA’s new line of Sonic games with the same name and was one of the last shows that involved the blue blur. While the games left a lot to be desired, the show was pretty decent, often going for parody and comical interaction than being serious on the subject of stopping Eggman/Robotnik from conquering the world and such. All of the action would take on a single, solitary island somewhere around the world rather than in cities and other exotic places from past iterations. The show comprised of 15 minute short episodes, most of which would not be consistent with any type of story involving characters and more often than not it would break the 4th wall in abundance.

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MAME woes Part Deux
November 19, 2019

Unlike most emulators, MAME is quite a stubborn application. Some versions will run most ROMS you get, others won't, even when you have ALL the bits and pieces of previous versions of a game chances are it will just not play in one version than in the other. As I stated before, I am now running Windows 10, which is not very good on my side of things, but I must adapt since Microsoft will no longer service Windows 7, which in turn, was a good OS that would let me record with little to no problems anytime.

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November 17, 2019

As I had stated, I was able to buy a crappy PC with what measly money I got at the moment, after the last desktop went up in smoke. Majority of problems on this system being Windows 10's compability with some programs, including the old MAME application I had for years and had used to game and record for video uploads.

After much searching was able to use a more or less stable version of said application and it runs OK enough for me to use FRAPS and continue my gaming recordings. I might try other old versions and see if I can get 100% emulation and recording but for now, I am fine they way it is.

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