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Sessler Screams and Swears
February 08, 2009

Adam Sessler from XPlay posts an astonishing video response to some of the comments on his Killzone 2 review. He's hilariously angry, but you can understand why. He 5/5'd it, and still people are questioning whether his overall tone suggested he resented having awarded it such a high score because it's a Sony game. His Christian Bale-esque rant is fabulous to watch, and it's great to hear an excellent and respected games journalist really stand up for himself like this. Lovely work.

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Review-plugging for a reason
February 08, 2009

Dear Esther

If you've the slightest interest in original ideas in 3D engines, you need to read this, please. If you own Half-Life 2 as well, download this free mod, play it through a couple of times, and report back.

I'm *extremely* interested to hear what people think.

February 07, 2009

So much stuff to write in the next few days that it's bordering on ludicrous.

- Penumbra review for here
- The Last Remnant review for RealGamer
- A double album review for TLOBF
- A live review for TLOBF

...and some less deadliney stuff that I still want to get out of the way while ideas are still fresh:

- Dear Esther "review" for here
- The Carer postmortem for Unfiction

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My university in lizard shit fuck-up
February 06, 2009




Not Even Close To Being A Review: The Path
February 03, 2009

I am priviledged enough to have been given the opportunity to play The Path. It's currently in its beta stage, set for release in March/April, and currently undergoing final tweaks. For what it's worth, in the couple of hours I've spent with it so far, I haven't noticed a single significant problem, glitch or bug. I find it impressive that some enormous games are released riddled with such issues, yet a game crafted primarily by two people and not even considered finished yet is so smooth, so stable. Rather telling, methinks.

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Pluggy-pluggy plug-drops
February 02, 2009

Well, whaddya know? Resolution Magazine issue 3 is available to read online now. Visit www.resolution-magazine.co.uk to see it in all its glory.

It's a bit shorter this month, as the inevitible post-Christmas lull has left us with precious little to talk about. But we hope you like what's there. Felix Arabia even makes an appearance, slaughtering Prince of Persia! And next month has some pretty delicious stuff in store, including reviews of FEAR 2, Killzone 2 and Cryostasis, and interviews with Ice-Pick Lodge and Iron Tower Studios, about their upcoming titles The Void and Age of Decadence respectively.

Lovely lovely. Back to work then.

February 01, 2009

Isn't snow rubbish when you have to venture out in it with a crippling hangover?


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