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March 06, 2009

Yesterday, I read something thoroughly depressing.

It was a thread on some arbitrary forum, pertaining to the broken but hauntingly beautiful Dear Esther, which I begrudgingly 7/10'd a while back despite it being one of the most captivating and lovely things in the world.

The thread initially wavered unpredictably between "this is really beautiful" and "it's a bit boring." Both are completely valid responses, and showcase the diversity of people who are at least willing to give it a go.

Then, things started to get silly.

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Reso Forum
March 04, 2009

Resolution now has a forum.


I wouldn't want to draw anyone away from this wonderful community, but I'd really, staggeringly appreciate seeing some friendly faces about, helping to kickstart the community a little bit. We're only a small site yet, and I really hope it can grow to something of HG proportions.

So yeah. That would be really nice. Just as long as you keep HG going as brilliantly as ever as well!

NOT A REVIEW: Little Big Planet
March 03, 2009

Little Big Planet is a fine example of a mere idea resonating beautifully with a vast audience. It's impossible not to be impressed by the scope of LBP's aims, its dedication to dragging community-based gaming and development away from the moddable PC titles and into the realms of the more mainstream PlayStation 3 market. For some, crafting your own levels and sharing them over that wonderful thing we call the Interweb may feel like old news. And, to some, yes, it will be. Valve have led the way in that respect for some time now, and arguably with much stronger games as a starting point.

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March 02, 2009

Last night, I had a dream about Spelunky.

I dreamt that, after finally finishing the game, I returned to it to find out I'd unlocked a new section. While retaining the pixelated visuals, it had gained an additional axis, and moved into a sort of weird meta-dimension consisting of wireframes and block colours, looking a little like Darwinia. The game mechanics remained the same, but the new depth added a whole new tactical side to the title.

If this were true, it'd be utterly wonderful.

As it stands, it's just really, really, really good and you should all be playing it. Why aren't you all playing it?!


Reso Issue 4
March 02, 2009

...is here.

Reviews of Fear 2, Spelunky, The Path (world's first review), The Last Remnant, Cryostasis, Necrovision and more...

Interviews with Dan Pinchbeck and Vince D Weller...

Work by HG's very own EmP (WHO REVIEWS BIG BANG MINI. READ IT BEFORE HE OFFS HIMSELF) and zippdementia...

Plus lots of lovely columns and features.

And now the plugging can stop for a month.


Podcast Exists!
March 01, 2009

Well, would you look at this? We have cast our first pod.

From the link on that page, you can stream it in low quality, or download it in a variety of different bitrates and so forth.

Will look to get it on a few different mirrors as well, but this will do for now.

Enjoy! And read the mag tomorrow.


Podcast concerns
February 28, 2009

I'm recording a podcast tonight.

In the absence of J.D. Richardson, who realised last minute that it's his friend's birthday night out, it'll just be myself and Andy.

What are two people supposed to talk about entertainingly for an hour?


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