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September 21, 2008

Off to some friends' wedding today. On demand of ladyfriend, I am in the process of losing the beard*, but am insisting on keeping a 'designer stubble' look.

Searching for that photo led me to another one, though. Thank goodness the ridiculous hair is but a distant memory.

*That's me on the right. I am not my friend Gemma.

STALKER review
September 20, 2008

Really, really disappointing.

There's a fantastic amount of amazing gaming on offer here, but it blows it all with stupid mistakes and bugs. Why, oh why?

September 18, 2008

Just submitted the STALKER review - expect to see it in the next day or two. Deciding whether I like the thing or not has knackered me.


STALKER: Clear sky with hidden lightning bolts that attack you from time to time
September 16, 2008

I really want to love the new STALKER game. I wish it would stop doing ludicrous things like NOT MAKING ANY SENSE in places and PUNISHING CREATIVE GAMEPLAY IN A SUPPOSEDLY OPEN WORLD and things like that.

Stupid stupid stupid. But then it's so good...

Head explosion.


September 14, 2008

Maintaining professionalism by not mentioning any names:

When sending out review code to publications, it's usually a good idea to provide everything required to play the game from the outset. You know - things like activation codes.

What happens is that us freelance writers plan our time. So when we know we're being sent a game on Tuesday, we'll probably plan to spend two or three days playing it, then another writing the review. If, upon receiving the game, we can't play it, this throws everything up in the air a little.

[read the full post...]


September 11, 2008

I'm sure I've vaguely mentioned this in the past, but I'm working on a single-player Half-Life 2 mod.

And today, good people, we released our first screenshots.

Click the linky above for more information. For fans of the 'Shocks, naturally. What else did you expect from me?


Lots and lots of words.
September 10, 2008

See the External Links box for a new Big List Of My Work. It's not entirely complete yet, but do check it out if you're intrigued as to what I've been up to outside HG-HQ.

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