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Steve Van Klaren
August 14, 2008

My friend Matt put it best when he exclaimed WHAT THE HELL IS HE DOING?!

This is a painfully embarassing look at the weird bit of some people's brains that thinks, when you're talking to foreign people, you have to talk in fragmented sentences and in a stupid voice.

But fuck it, McLaren goes all the way and even puts on a Dutch accent, and uses the phrase "how do you say...?" about an ENGLISH TERM.

Words escape me. It's like the football-jersey-wearing middle aged twats that go to Malaga and ask for 'El Beero.'

Absurd. Be horrified and amused.

Rock and roll and booze
August 13, 2008

Some of you may be aware that I'm in a band. As such, I tend to post a lot on a music forum. A couple of friends' bands, including Chris from Sisters of Mercy's other project (Eureka Machines), have just been snapped up in sponsorship deals with liqueur company Jagermeister.

I'm not particularly sure about the drinking habits of the rest of the HonestGamers world, but in Leeds - particularly within the adult music community - Jager's a pretty popular drink on those late night sessions. It seems a pretty obvious sponsorship link, therefore.

Until someone points out that both these bands have a fairly young audience.

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The Dark Knight
August 02, 2008

I had insanely high hopes and expectations for this.

My expectations were surpassed.

This is insane. Honestly, one of the greatest films I've ever seen in my life. It works on so many levels. It's a high-octane fantasy action film that actually displays a remarkable amount of subtlety.

Spectacular. Heath Ledger is as good as everyone said, too.


July 28, 2008


Probably F.E.A.R.'s most famous bit, by the looks of things, but I only just picked up a copy today and didn't really know much about the specific set-pieces. This video doesn't make it look too impressive, but I fired multiple rounds at each of these scares and cursed like a trooper. What the video doesn't show is that nothing significant has happened for a good few minutes. You're on edge until you see the little girl, then the tension drops... just quickly enough for the bloke at the bottom to scare the crap out of you.

(Not that it's a particularly scary game overall. And, equally, not that it matters at all when it's this good.)


The League of Gentlemen
July 24, 2008

I don't really know what the UK/US ratio of the HG reader/staffship is, but while sitting in front of the telly with Woman and a friend of ours tonight it occurred to me that a decent amount of people may not have experienced The League of Gentlemen.

Which, frankly, is stupid. So, since I'm pretty sure it'll never have been shown in the 'States, here: YOU'RE MY WIFE NOW...

I think I probably find it funnier being from Yorkshire as well... it's distinctly like the place I grew up at times. One of them went to college there apparently, which says a lot.


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(Untitled Post)
July 22, 2008

Tomorrow, I finally get my fix back.

It means selling my soul to the Devil Richard Branson, but at least Virgin Media are giving me the internet in my own house again, meaning I don't have to sit at the library looking geeky.

My new copy of Invisible War should arrive tomorrow as well, my old review code from way back when having decided to simply stop working, despite being installed on the exact same computer with the exact same settings. It is a disk problem though - it can't find one of the files on it.

I also found copies of Hitman: Contracts and Thief: Deadly Shadows that I'd forgotten I had. I've not even played Contracts.


Deus Ex: Recut
July 20, 2008

Tom Francis of PC Gamer UK links to this little gem.

Parts of Deus Ex's opening, recut to be absolutely ridiculous.

Have a giggle. It's on the house.

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