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Some stuff
April 07, 2009

You should really check out Geneforge 5 if that's the sort of thing you're into. It's really, surprisingly excellent a lot of the time. Very traditionalist. Very Black Isle. Not quite as impressive, but regularly great in its own right. Don't let the hilariously inept engine put you off. Not too much, anyway.

It's a review! Who'da thunk it?

Meanwhile, I submit the Crazy Machines Complete review and wonder if I let my lack of enthusiasm shine through a little too much in the piece... Oh well. It should have made me care.

Are you on Myspace and Twitter and that?
April 05, 2009

So is Reso:



Not a Neverwinter Night.
April 04, 2009

One of those games I really should have played but never have is Neverwinter Nights. So, when I saw it in a second hand shop for 1.50, I snapped it up.

This is a few months ago now. I never got round to it. But tonight, I fancy trying it out. So I go get the box, open it up, and... it's not Neverwinter Nights in there.

Great work, CEX.

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Updates 'n' that
April 02, 2009

Really wanted to like this game a lot more than this. It does some things frighteningly well - but too many things wrong for it to be recommendable.

Another Denby non-review. This one is a vague analysis of the game's lead character, because really, that's all the "game"'s about. I really, really like Yume Nikki, if only for how much it made my head spin.


[read the full post...]

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April 02, 2009

Just glanced at this month's Reso readership figures so far. See we've had fuck all hits - only 30-odd since the issue went live on Monday. Panic, thinking that practically no one cares any more. Realise I forgot to include the statcounter code in the latest issue, so it's only counting people reading back-issues. Bang head on table.

So April stats will be buggered. Shit.


Updates on the deleted thread
April 02, 2009

Turns out it was deleted as the entire post focused on technical issues that were intentionally present in order to break pirated copies of the game. In other words, he got merked for being a horrible person who won't even shell out a few quid on an indie game. This is fine.

April Fools
April 01, 2009

Tom from Televised Crimewave emails the rest of his band and tells them he's leaving to joing Art Brut, then posts their replies on a forum thread.

Outstanding effort.

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