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May 04, 2009

I've been playing Fahrenheit. Not Indigo Prophecy, because that version's for Americans and has its boobs chopped off. I've been playing solidly from 1pm until now, so not quite sure where in the story I am - but I'm guessing it's ambling towards the stage where it gets a little bit silly. I hope it can hold out for a bit longer. So far, it's a fascinating game.

Because, really, it's a film. Only it's a film that branches, depending on your actions. Only your actions are never really tangible, because it's mainly just QTEs. Which, incredibly, aren't horrible! It's a Choose Your Own Adventure book, rendered in full 3D.

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April 29, 2009

Worth a post, I reckon.

Andy Johnson's posted the first of a series of articles over at Resolution, examining how games explore matters of national security. The topic of this one is terrorism, and it makes for a thoroughly interesting read. There's a lot of room for this sort of almost-academic writing in serious games journalism, methinks. Well worth a read - and do leave him a nice comment over at Reso if you've any of your own thoughts on the matter.


April 29, 2009

I just had an incredible moment of flailing where I couldn't decide which game I wanted to play. I launched HL2ep2... no, not that, not today. Quick exit, and throw the Blood Money disk into the drive... wait, no - it's good, butI want something with a bit of bleakness.

STALKER. No, shit, I uninstalled it a bit ago, so I'll need to grab that off Steam again first.

Pathologic it is.


A lorra lorra games.
April 26, 2009

I have some sort of bizarre compulsion to buy truckloads of games at the moment.

It's weird. I'm fortunate enough to get a reasonable amount of stuff sent to me via PR companies, so there's rarely much need to purchase anything. In the past fortnight, though, I've bought seven games. All old, decrepit, budget things, of course, but still. Seven. That's quite impressive.

My favourite recent purchase (LIES. That's Braid. But it doesn't sit nicely with what I want to talk about) is Hitman: Blood Money. Which is just all kinds of brilliance. Sneaky-stabby-shooty-non-linear gorgeousness. I rate it more highly than Thief. Seriously. I've not had this much devilish fun with a stealth game for years.

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Pro-Marriage organisation launches Anti-Marriage campaign
April 23, 2009

Mr. Walker points to this astonishing campaign by America's National Organisation for Marriage:

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A Model For Reviews
April 22, 2009

Inevitible games journalism shop talk leads me to consider how we approach our reviews. There's a problem with the traditional method, in that it strays dangerously close to some sort of step-by-step analysis of an artistic product. What is the game about? What's the gameplay like? What are the graphics like? It's all nonsense, because as we know, games simply don't work like that.

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First impressions: Zeno Clash
April 21, 2009

This is all kinds of awesome.

A first-person FPS-cum-adventure-cum-beat-em-up from Chilean indie house Ace Games turns out to demonstrate just how true that name is. Zeno Clash is a beautiful ugly. It's ugly in the sense that it's gruesome, often visually disturbing and, at times, oddly frightening to look at. It's beautiful because... well, because just look at it:

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