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December 02, 2008

I've sat for a few minutes unsure whether or not to write this blog. Firstly, because my soul sorce for information is the ever-cynical RAM Raider which, let's face it, doesn't exactly hold positive comments about the games industry in its highest regard, and secondly, because I tend to have a pretty good working relationship with the PR agency with which this is concerned. To be entirely fair to them, it's not BHPR that have stepped out of line; quite the opposite, if the allegations are true, as BHPR have been surprisingly honest about the whole thing. That's what's kicked up such a fuss.

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Some stuff.
December 01, 2008

Since The Nomad Soul has flat-out refused to install on my system (note to D Drive: Disk 3 is inserted), I fear I'll have to give that one a miss. I have selective memories of that game, with a whole host of bad points being essentially outweighed by the fact that it's still bloody wonderful, but I doubt I have enough detail in mind to properly appraise it.

If you haven't read my Pathologic review yet, I'd love for you to do so, perhaps more than anything I've ever written on this site. So few people know what it is, or why it's worth playing despite its awful mechanics, but I hope I've explained it pretty well. It's a 6 out of 10, but it's probably the most memorable and fascinating 6 out of 10 you'll ever play.

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Awkward Reviews
November 29, 2008

It's Games I Love Against My Better Judgement Week, kids. Keep your eyes on the Staff Reviews section over the coming days.

First up: Patholgic.
Coming soon: In Memoriam. The Nomad Soul.


Russian Oddities (updated)
November 27, 2008

Has anyone played Pathologic?

EDIT: You probably haven't, so let's talk about it.

Pathologic is a 2005 Russian genre-breaker, developed by Ice-Pick Lodge (who?), presumably as a very intentional reaction to the next-generation empty stylisation of the Western videogame movement. Initially, it seems to sit somewhere in between Bethesda's big RPGs and a traditional adventure game, with the occasional shooty bits thrown in for good measure. Only there are no RPG elements, no puzzles, and barely any action. Interactive biological mystery fiction.

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I'm smiley really.
November 24, 2008

All this high-quality game time lately has meant I've cooped up all my cynicism, readying it to be released in one massive rant.

Playing through Sacred 2 again, ready for a Resolution review, reminded me of just how bloody godawful the thing is. Trust me to agree to three separate sodding articles about it. With each one, I become more ANGRY!

What astounds me is how many people are lapping this shit up. Like, respectable people. Shocking statements from fools whose opinions matter. These insuffrable idiots actually like this dispicable mess of a game. It's mind-blowing.

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What did you do today?
November 23, 2008

Today, I nearly burned my house down. I forgot to prod my jacket potato with a fork before putting it in the microwave. The poor spud proceeded to set on fire and fill the house with smoke.

I wish I'd had the idea to take a photo of the shrivelled, burnt-up mess of the tiny former root vegetable before I threw it in the bin.


November 18, 2008

What's with all these incredible games at the moment? It doesn't feel right.


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