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Are Gamers Killing Gaming?
February 17, 2009

New Zealand-based games blog Polymath posts a clumsy but interesting article about 'bullying' in online gaming.

It's something I've not noticed myself in L4D, which has one of the most mature and pleasant communities I've had the pleasure of playing with. In fact, I'd argue that some of the most brilliant moments in the game result from someone making a rooky error, and seeing how the Director mercilessly punishes them for it. But I guess the latter part is for a different discussion.

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Old BioShock Talk
February 16, 2009

My piece on BioShock for Art Fist Magazine has found itself a home online, right here.

Dodgy line-break issues, but just about decypherable. Think the site's moving over to www.artfist.co.uk soon so update your bookmarks accordingly. Not that you'd likely be bookmarking yet another of my BioShock essays.

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The end of a rainbow...
February 15, 2009

What's at the end of a rainbow? Is it a pot of gold? A leprechaun?

No, it's a black hatchback.


ShellShock 2: Blood Trials
February 14, 2009

Potentially the most awful, banal and broken first-person shooter I've ever played, its hideousness compounded by the abominable depiction of the Vietnamese during that terrible war. This was developed by Rebellion and published by Eidos. I have no idea what's going on. It feels like a game mod developed by some hideously right-wing teenager, on an off-day.

Not a review (but getting closer): FEAR 2: Project Origin
February 13, 2009

Fear (punctuation-destruction, ahoy!) has always been a funny name for this franchise. What truly scares us? The horror stalwart is a vulnerable central character, hopeless against his or her worst nightmares. Fear doesn't buy into this. Instead, it gives you some really big guns and inexplicable special powers, then shouts "BOO!" in your ear every ten minutes.

The format is identical to its predecessor. Fear 2 is a series of corridors, broken up by big rooms where people shoot at you with their big guns, and you shoot back with your own big guns. Sometimes, you might decide to make everything happen in slow-motion. Other times, you might decide to flip a table and peek your gun's barrel over the top of that. And occasionally Alma will shout "BOO!" in your ear.

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February 11, 2009



Initial Impressions: The Last Remnant
February 10, 2009



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