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January 08, 2009

You often hear people say, "I don't play games." But do you ever hear somebody say, "I don't watch movies"? That statement would be absurd, exactly because there is such a great variety in movies that it is virtually impossible for somebody to dislike all of them. Games will be a mature medium when the phrase "I don't play games" sounds as absurd as "I don't watch movies."

- Michael Samyn, talking infinite sense at Gamespot, ages ago. Only just found this, so linking to it now.

January 08, 2009

Tim Edwards with his chest out, talking about World of Warcraft on BBC breakfast.

I admire the presenters for trying their absolute hardest not to patronise the poor little gamers... unfortunately, they don't always succeed. Tut tut.

I particularly like how they've clearly encouraged Marijka to come dressed as a Night Elf, just for the purposes of making her look sad and crafting a joke out of it, which they use twice.

Not sure what I think of this, really. Nice that both sides have their say, but it doesn't really draw any conclusions other than "some people disagree with each other about whether playing the game is okay or not," and - frustratingly - neither 'expert' involved is allowed much air time to explain the argument properly.

Still worth a look.

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Testing the water
January 08, 2009

Would anyone still read and comment on my blog if it were hosted elsewhere?


Some short-form
January 07, 2009

If there's one thing I've learned from my time as a games player, it's that I have an insufferably short attention span. Counting the number of game I've completed by choice rather than because I had to for purposes of reviewing the thing leads me to only a small handful of titles - most recently, though I reviewed them both, Fallout 3 and Mass Effect.

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2008 in Review (and other such articles)
January 06, 2009

Since it's all the rage, I'm going to jump rather swiftly onto the bandwagon and pimp a load of this year's work. I have the advantage/disadvantage of being a freelance rogue, so this will cover a few different sites for both videogames and music. As such, I fear I may miss a few out, but I'm in no rush, so I'll do my best to be thorough.

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Stunning moments in Grand Theft Auto 4, #419
January 05, 2009

Taking my girlfriend bowling, while the sweet, nostalgic melancholy of The Smashing Pumpkins - 1979 reverberates through the alley. We play two games - I win the first, but let her win the second. She compliments my game, and I thank her. Then I drive her home, and we part as the sun sets behind the spectacular skyline.


Resolution Issue 2!
January 05, 2009

I've just spent all evening frantically editing this so it'd go live on time. So now I'm too tired to actually tell you what's in this month's issue. A copy & paste of the contents page, and the assurance that Zippdementia makes an appearance, will have to suffice.

Here you go.


Games of the Year
We take a look back at the finest games of 2008...

A Fallout Retrospective
Don't let the fabulous new addition to the series cause you to forget about its roots...

The Broken Beauties
Sometimes, the most carefully crafted videogames aren't the most deliciously memorable...

Return to Black Mesa
We talk to project leader Carlos Montero about the upcoming Half-Life remake...

Stick to The Path

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