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Today I have mostly been...
November 17, 2008

...battling hoardes of the undead with a group of Americans I'm never likely to meet.

Good way to spend the morning, eh?

First impressions: Left 4 Dead is blisteringly good fun, certainly a contender for Game of the Year if the full version lives up to the demo. And yeah, I gave Fallout 3 a 'ten'. I think that sums up how much fun I'm having with this.

It'll be right up the street of anyone who mourns the progression of the FPS into the modern beast it tends to be today. As a reference point, I'd go with the original Doom as a co-op game. It's tense, spooky, linear level design, with moments of complete insanity as seemingly hundreds of monsters charge towards you.

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Help please.
November 16, 2008

Does anyone in Ingurlund have a copy of System Shock 2 I can borrow?

November 12, 2008

I've just got the strangest commission ever.

There's a website launching that invites people to submit embarassing anecdotes from their lives, and encourages people to rate them and say whose fault the incident was.

It's my job to write "existing content" for the site, so it's full when it launches.

If anyone's done dead silly stuff, feel free to help me earn my money.


November 10, 2008

There's always been a link there on the right (->, for those of you who get confused) to my "musical outfit" Blue Sky Project. But I'm not sure I've actually actively promoted the thing. So now I'm going to.

We have an EP coming out at Some Point In The Future, and you can hear it at that there link, minus the little intro track, so it sounds a bit odd going straight into the first song on there.

Aaanyway, do have a listen and let us know if you like what you hear.

Anyone in Leeds (which I think, bizarrely, is at least one person here) should come to see us on 21st November at the Brudenell.

Love Triangle
November 10, 2008

A few comrades create a spectacular spoof boy-band thing.

Featuring Micky P Kerr, who you may have heard on a couple of Jet 2 ads a while back. And Resolution writer Graham in a quick cameo on 4:31.

Brilliantly, all the music is written by the three of them.

Some Politics 'n' shit
November 08, 2008

By the way, Americans: well done.

That sounded a bit patronising, and I didn't mean it to at all. I'm genuinely impressed that the United States has completely leapfrogged British Politics with this election, picking a genuinely inspirational leader with a selection of fabulous policies. Time will tell if he can implement them well, but he seems to have the best intentions.

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Good heavens, what are you thinking?!
November 07, 2008

Is it acceptable to link to the competition?

I guess it is if it's mine, and it's not directly competing anyway.

This is a little hobbyist project set up by myself and comrades in Leeds, a sort of 'why we love games' e-fan-zine effort, if you will. We're more focused around features and opinion pieces than reviews, which is why I reckon it's okay to tell you all about it here.

Issue 1 online first weekend of December. If anyone fancies scrawling anything for us at some point, do nag me until I reply.

HG will remain my primary freelance port of call, so you're not rid of me that easily.


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