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Some Really Good Games In A List
October 17, 2008

Inspired by Suskie's post a bit ago, I've spent this evening piecing together my Top 50 Games. Just because I'm that big a geek, really. I threw this together with the sort of careless 'caution-to-the-wind' method that should give the truest results. This isn't about what's technically the best. This is about what games I've loved, and which ones will stick in my memory in the coming weeks, months and years.

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Decisions, decisions...
October 17, 2008

In the next two weeks, two games that I have been eagerly awaiting for ages will be released. I am skint, and have been assigned to review neither.

Which will I buy?

Answers on a postcard. If you know me at all, try guessing what the games are. I doubt you'll have much trouble.


I fucked a she-elf once...
October 16, 2008

In the game, natch. It's such a shame The Witcher does things like OMGSHOWBOOBS, as well, because in almost every other way it's one of the most intelligent, atmospheric and gripping RPGs I've played in a long time, and if I hadn't recently reviewed the PC version of Mass Effect, I think I'd be gushing even more. It's lovely. It's as good a debut game as I've seen since Half-Life.

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Islam is the light, eh?
October 14, 2008

It's worth first pointing out that I don't read The Sun; I was linked to this by a friend who found it on Yahoo news. Just so you don't think I'm a horrible human.

So: What the fuck? It's like something off BrassEye!

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Witching Hour...
October 13, 2008

Game that has made me laugh the most without meaning to in recent history: The Witcher.


October 11, 2008

The way I feel today after the ridiculous session last night is indescribable.

Crazy fuckers have all gone out again tonight. I am bedridden.


UK telly-watchers
October 09, 2008

This clearly looks brilliant.

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