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October 28, 2008

Oh, be nice to each other you silly people.


WoG review (wait, that sounds racist...)
October 24, 2008

Like I said before: brilliant.


World of Goo
October 23, 2008

Truly is brilliant.


Incredible joy at small victories...
October 23, 2008

Neptune has a "readable content" system!

Deus Ex, eat your heart out. A bit.

Voice actors
October 21, 2008

Hello hello.

We're currently recruiting voice actors for Neptune. In particular, I need a male who can deliver a nice British RP accent in a convincing, urgent style (and this is a pretty important role, as it's of the main 'radio guide' throughout the game), and a couple of American males do deliver fairly large roles. One should not have a strong regional accent, the other can.

Also looking for tonnes of minor roles as well, so if you fancy doing any of it, or know anyone who'd be interested, do get in touch.

Reasonable-quality recording equipment will be necessary. Doesn't need to be studio-level, but just something that won't sound crap in-game once our sound team has gone to town with it.


Fallout 3
October 19, 2008

"Our 40-ish hours of game time went by on fast-forward. We often forgot to eat, and we begrudged bathroom breaks. Games this captivating don't come along often. Between its engrossing story, ginormous world, well-crafted RPG side and white-knuckle FPS combat, Fallout 3 completely, utterly gives you your $60 worth."
10/10 - Official X-Box Magazine USA

Basically: thank fuck for that.


My Pet Game, by Lewis Denby
October 18, 2008

I am playing through BioShock for a third time. Even now, I'm still finding little things I didn't notice before. I'm more impressed with this monster every time.

Interestingly, I've decided to play it on easy mode this time, to allow me to more safely experiment with weapon/plasmid combos, and things have definitely stepped up a gear. I love it. It's fantastic.


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