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Tell us what you think of Reso and win a free game!
May 16, 2009

Clicky McGee

From the site:

"Hey! You there, with the opinions!

We want to know what you think of Resolution! So please do tell us. We’ve set up a questionnaire for you to ponder over, and - should you choose - you can be entered into a prize draw to win a free game*. A free game! Isn’t that awesome?

*Prize only open to UK residents, we’re afraid. Sorry!"

New podcast
May 12, 2009

We have cast another pod.

Had to do it via Skype again... sound quality is marginally better than the last time we did that, but is still not that great.

It's a shorter one this time, at just over half an hour, which some of you may be glad of. I think it's a particularly interesting one, too, covering some worthwhile topics.

It's here.

May 10, 2009

So I have a front-page feature over at Eurogamer, which I'm really pleased about. It's a big outfit, and to be honest, any chance to ramble on about brilliant games is awesome. Have a read, if you want. And yes, this is the conflict of interest that meant Bloggy McGee got edited the other day.

Actually surprised at how vigorously chopped it's been. The prod-editing process is obviously going to be more thorough at the big outfits, but every other sentence seems to have at least a word stripped. Mostly, it's fine - but man! My original ending was brilliant!

"...for having lived through it. For having /survived/..."

'Cause, y'know, it's survival hor- oh forget it.



Current Workload
May 08, 2009

Pathologic feature for Eurogamer
Wallace & Gromit review for here
In The Mix interview for here
Compiling contest results for here
Jessica Curry interview for Reso
Velvet Assassin review for Reso
Posting out shitloads of games for Reso people
Doing a degree.

Today I Die
May 06, 2009

A splendid flash game now exists, which I shall write more about tomorrow, in less sleepy-and-girlfriend-is-nagging-me-to-come-to-bed-and-no-not-in-that-way mood. For now: go on, it only lasts a few minutes.

Conclusions: Fahrenheit
May 06, 2009

So: it doesn't crash anywhere near as badly as I was fearing. It gets silly, yes, but not horrific. Still reasonable, as far as games go. Just not as nice as it once was.

And there are still some really nice sequences, right up to the end. I agree with Zipp: the Lucas/Carla rumpy-pumpy scene was more gratuitous than it needed to be. Digitised nipples are rarely necessary. But it was still quite a sweet scene, particularly considering the antagonism before.

Quite a skip between the theme park and the next bit, though, wasn't it? Would have been nice if the game had the courtesy to explain that MONTHS HAVE PASSED.

[read the full post...]


May 06, 2009

You'll have seen this blog post. I've decided to remove it in light of new events I don't really want to speak of at this time. But, er, yes. Conflict of interest stuff.


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