Stop referring game characters as FURRIES
March 14, 2021

On a latest game related video upload to a channel I subscribe to, the person hosting it blatantly and casually refers to a animal humanoid character as a "furry," continuing the never ending cliche of somehow thinking this "joke" is still relevant nowadays and just making me want to punch someone in the face because I am so damn tired anyone bothers doing this sort of thing.

I don't care if anyone is "just joking" about it, this crap has to stop. I don't care how I would be seen while typing this rant about it or what anyone reading it believes about me, I am sick and tired of this. Ever since EGM back then went on referring StarFox characters as such years ago on their magazine I have been trying so hard not to think on how was that anyone who would be a professional journalist in the gaming industry would blatantly toss such quips about a videogame series loved by many simply because they thought kids at 4chan did it and it was so hilarious to even make a comparison with a certain fandom which is ever oversexualized among other things by now many people know about.

Of course it wouldn't stop there, as I stated above on how even just moments ago some middle aged man would do this sort of thing live on their video upload "for the lulz." Why would anyone believe mentioning such people and their fetish tossing it at game characters would be such a hilarious trend?

Let me put it this way, do you enjoy making fun of others? Do you think because these "furries" appeared when the internet was publicly accesible they would be the center of ridicule to the point that ANYTHING that has an animal character should be pointed out and called out as such? I by no means would defend these individuals, but I also would not go on giggling like a 13 year old and type FURRY on anything that has an ANIMAL character on it either. I would not even believe that one thing is related to another just because you want to try and "be one of the guys" about it.

Also the fact anyone doing this is insulting said beloved characters like I said. I can imagine if I ever bother telling anyone how much I enjoy that Sonic cartoon they would start cackling and calling me a FURRY solely for that.

Stop this crap. Its not funny. If you are trying to be such there are better ways to do so. If you enjoy the thought of how that FURRY thing portrays such characters then I guess you just enjoy watching blatant porn drawn of them online. Otherwise not sure why you would even mention that word out loud no matter what game is you are looking at.

Maybe anyone reading this would not get what I am trying to say here, but I am saying it anyway. Its not right calling game/cartoon characters FURRIES. That is what I am standing with.

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