Cancelled Sonic Movie and Sonic 1 Prototype Comparison gameplay
March 21, 2021

Sonic cancelled movie and Genesis prototype ROM
While some may had heard of it, I had just discovered that there was a planned american Sonic movie back in the 90s, after following the cartoon series shown during that time period. As far as I had seen on a video, it states that it would have Sonic jump into the real world chasing Dr. Robotnik and being helped by some kid who was responsible for both characters in jumping out of a game he was playing. A weird note here is that Chaos Emeralds would be in the real world in contrast to said game, seemingly without much explanation.
Sonic would had been portrayed by CGI works of the time, not sure how he would look like considering, but if companies like MAINFRAME were to be the ones lending said skills it would had worked in my opinion. The studio behind it was MGM before it decided not to bother with the idea.

On another related note, gaming channels have been showing footage of the dumped Sonic prototype and comparing it with the final version. One of said differences include weird enemy placements, missing boss battles, obstacles that didn't make into the final version, stage designs and missing levels. Seemingly the prototype also had no way to let you collect Chaos Emeralds or if they even were around in said version to begin with. The prototype seemingly had no final stage designed at that point as well so there was no way to finish it. Probably this being the why Chaos Emeralds were not accessible as well.

Now because of this I am not certain if this is indeed a prototype or just an early version overall, but we will see if this is the case after some time gets to pass, maybe there will be another version to resurface, who knows.

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