Final Fantasy Unlimited
March 03, 2021

Released in 2001, it lasted two seasons, all covering an entirely original story with no relation to any game established up to that point. The Anime here does have various call backs to what the game series are about, and the
artsyle is pretty colorful and, well, fantasy like.

The story revolves twins Ai and Yu Hayakawa, who are set to find their missing parents after a mysterious beam of light descends near their home, opening a portal to a fantastical world full of extravagant visuals and danger called Wonderland. Along the way they meet other characters who join up the quest including Lisa Pacifist, who can use telekinetic powers, Lou Lupes, a girl werewolf, and Cid, who even commands his very own ship during a story ark within the series. Other characters include the mysterious gunman Kaze of the Black Wind, a strong silent type who shows up and summons Espers to deal with monsters, a chocobo named Chobi, and even a Moogle who claims being Kaze's comrade later on. I will say that this Anime at least has most of the Lore intact in terms of characters and story tropes.

Each episode would open with a nice short version of the Prelude theme from the games before going on with a recap and the intro song, which is also quite nice to listen to. I will add that Nobuo Uematsu had a part in some of the soundtrack, which adds points to this series.

Some argue that even after all the positives this Anime had brought, it still lacking in being a Final Fantasy staple, but as far as what I read on said reviews, it sounds more like nitpicking than anything else. I don't know I enjoyed it enough to own the boxset so to each their own here.

The series end in a somewhat cliffhanger, but in my opinion, that would be best leaving it where it stands. There have been sequels in the form of mobile games and novelizations I hear, but I was pretty satisfied with what I watched and never really had any questions about it when finished.

I would recommend checking out this one and even perhaps owning it. It sure has a vibrant, colorful artstyle to say the least.

My next blog I will be revisiting a couple of CGI movies that Square back then felt pretty ambitious in creating although one of two really does not feel like it belongs. Guess which is the one I could be referring to.

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