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June 23, 2022

Time Crisis Strike and 2nd Strike reviews via Wayback Machine.

Doesn't actually link to the reviews, since they haven't been archived. Unfortunately, the previous computer they were saved on were lost when the thing died on me, so this is really the only proof I have left of them existing.

Edit: for some reason the link no longer appears above. Here it is:

I've changed my name from pickhut to dementedhut
January 10, 2022

Just wanted to make a small, quick post about it in case anyone is confused.

Quick, short reasons why:

-I've had the name since the very, VERY early 00s on various sites, message boards, and online gaming accounts, but I just got tired of using it. Also, from my experience, it's very easy for people to make fun of the name when they see it for the first time. ("Hey, it's Pizza Hut!" "Oh, hey dickbutt!")

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Some Rambo: Last Blood Thoughts
September 29, 2019

After hearing and reading a bunch of mixed reactions about the movie, I just decided to set some time aside last night to see it in theaters myself.

It's not good.

*spoilers, I guess*

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Tried the Contra Rogue Corps Demo
September 15, 2019

Contra Rogue Corps turned off a lot of people with its wacky visual presentation and top-down viewpoint from its trailer. Not surprising, considering Contra games usually have a SIDE-scrolling perspective and, more times than not, a more "serious" tone. But as the game crept closer and closer to its release date, I tried keeping an open mind; the game is being directed by the same guy who did past Contra titles, such as Contra 3 and Hard Corps. On top of that, my favorite "recent" Contra game is Neo Contra, which also has an oddball presentation and top-down perspective.

Then, a few days ago, I caught wind that a demo dropped for the game, so I downloaded it on my PS4 and gave it a go...

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Digital Game Pricing Really Frustrates Me Sometimes
March 11, 2018

So with Vermintide 2, a Left 4 Dead-style game, recently released, I wanted to see if the first game, End Times - Vermintide, was available on the PS4. The first place I checked was the PS Store, and it showed up in the search results! I clicked it... and it was $39.99. The game came out on October 4, 2016.

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GameStop is terrible at listing their exclusive games...
January 23, 2018

With Secret of Mana receiving a North American physical PS4 release exclusive only at GameStop next month, I decided to snoop around their website for the past couple weeks. I knew they've had a couple physical exclusive titles (in NA, at least) in the past, such as Song of the Deep, but I was surprised just how many PS4 exclusives they actually had; Duke Nukem 3D 20th Anniversary, Cities Skylines, and Killing Floor 2, to name the more familiar names. I was then thrown off by the number of "smaller" titles they had, such as Constructor (90s sim/tycoon title), a Prototype bundle of the first two games, Wuppo, and Has-Been Heroes, the latter I've only heard of for the first time while browsing GameStop.

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Friday the 13th: The Game Offline Mode is Available!
December 18, 2017

To make things "interesting," I decided to handicap myself for my first match. I equipped one of the weaker Jasons, who can't run or morph very well, set the difficulty to Hard, and fought against seven Counselor bots. This is what played out:

-0:00: Counselor literally ran into me after I made a bunch of noise. Then he ran in the house, picked up the gun... and ran into me without trying to fire.

-0:25: Counselor ran around in circles before she decided to dive in the water.

-0:40: Counselor got hit by my knife, and in retaliation, she turned around and ran into my body.

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