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You know you've watched too much...
August 09, 2011

... porn when you immediately recognize who the nurse is in Black Dynamite. Just saying.


Damn you, Mail Mannnnnnnnnnnnn!!
July 27, 2011

So I come home from work, see the mail man walking around, and he sees me. I grab the mail, put it inside without looking, and head back outside to take something off my car. The mail man sees me again as he walks inside his truck, which happens to be parked across from my car. He drives away. I go inside to check the mail and notice one of them was a pink slip saying I didn't receive a package because I wasn't there to sign it.


Now I either have to drive to the post office to pick it up or have it redelivered. Thanks, mail man, you lazy bastard. :D

It's 3:13am, I go to work in under 4 hours, yet I'm up listening to this
July 26, 2011

I'm going to bed.

I was watching a Time Pilot '84 video and the first side suggestion was this:
July 14, 2011



Things Blowing my Mind - Part 2
June 08, 2011

So today I was looking through the System 16 site for some research on what game ran on what hardware and such.... and I got sidetracked. Ended up looking at hardware from other companies and seeing what games ran on them.

The following discoveries blew my mind:

-Namco made a Counter Strike arcade game.

-Konami released a fucking Lethal Enforcers 3.

-There's a Sega game called Giant Tetris involving the use of GINORMOUS joysticks. That seems to be the whole gimmick.

-Taito came out with a new Elevator Action title in 2009. It's a light gun game. -__-

-They also released a new Darius called Dariusburst. It's widescreen like the old games and features more fish.

[read the full post...]

Now hold on a minute...
June 06, 2011

There was a Full Auto 2? o___o

Sadly, it's this type of stuff that seems to blow my mind.

Edit: Also, I finally completed L.A. Noire yesterday. The game sucks so much.


Almost bought a PSP just for Peace Walker
June 02, 2011

So much for that. :D Though, I'm not thrilled about owning the inferior version of MGS3 if they stick with using the original camera angle.

Edit: Read comments section for fanboy lawls.


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