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Konami's X-Men arcade game coming to XLA & PSN
October 09, 2010

With 6 player co-op online.

Yay? Nay? I've only played a tiny bit of it in the arcades back then, so I don't have a solid opinion of the game. It had some crazy dialogue, though...


Obligatory, Monthly YouTube Video Entry
October 08, 2010

Latest Review
October 04, 2010

Sonic and the Secret Rings

Biggest shock of the year for me.

I'm getting tired of playing disappointing games, I've reviewed four in a row now. I wanna play a good game again. :(

Ugh, I lost access to HonestGamers on Saturday again
October 03, 2010

Every other website I visit worked properly, though. However, since I knew from the previous experience that it seemed to be on my end, I decided to do some research this time.

Turns out, all I had to do was change to a different DNS server. x_X

Wii gets really unexpected releases sometimes...
October 01, 2010

Dragon's Lair Trilogy? Really?

I'm actually curious what the controls for the games are going to be like. It's on the Wii, there has to be some type of gimmick...

Latest Review
September 27, 2010

Halo: Reach

Yeah, everything I said in the multiplayer paragraphs are basically repeats and expansions of what I said in the other blog/topic, but that really couldn't be helped.

Also, anyone who has played Reach will notice that I never really mentioned the special abilites in the review. I did this for two reasons: because the review was long enough as it is, and I didn't feel they were THAT significant enough to mention. There were rare times in Campaign where you truly needed them to get past certain parts, and in multiplayer, you get used to them after just a few matches.

Reach has one of the worst multiplayer modes I've ever played
September 18, 2010

I don't understand how they messed it up, considering Halo 3 had a fun multiplayer with only a few issues, but they managed to mess it up so bad in Reach. A lot of the maps, the bigger ones to be more specific, are horribly designed to the point where you'll have a gigantic chance of losing depending on which side you start on.

Take for example the Boneyard map: one team starts out in a closed structure that makes it almost impossible to be killed upon respawn, but the other team starts out in the open and are vulnerable to multiple angles on respawn. I played a game of SWAT once where I was on the open spot, and the other team easily took position on two higher leveled structures staring down on our spawn points... Nearly most of our team got wiped out a second after every spawn.

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