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June 18, 2007

Die Hard Arcade

I was originally gonna review Die Hard Trilogy, but when I got it in the mail... I got the PSOne version. Well, at least I only spent $11 on it, and it's actually a copy that's never been opened before.

Also, I wrote "yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker" somewhere in the review, but I removed it at the last second. I mentioned it to blu, and he told me it was suppose to be ay instead of yay. After that, I searched the interweb for quotes on different kinds of sites, but they kept differing between ay and yay. Finally, I decided to look at the script for the movie... and it was written as yea. After an hour, I just gave up and removed the word.

I love reading instruction manuals sometimes
June 11, 2007

irregular discs

Now, you know some idiot probably tried to put a silly looking "disc" into a DVD player at some point, complained to the company for the player being broken, and that's how this ended up in the book.


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June 04, 2007


Power outage from 5pm till 11:20pm ftl.
June 03, 2007

And I was in the middle of redoing a paragraph for a review I was gonna submit today when it happened. Bah.

As for the power outage, I wouldn't have minded so much if it weren't for the fact that it was hot today. I had to get up and walk around about every ten minutes because of that. Basically all I did in that time span was eat and play some Gameboy titles.

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May 31, 2007

What are your chances of being Raped/Sexual Assaulted?
Your Result: 75% Chance

You have a 75% Chance of being Raped/Sexually Assaulted. It appears you let anything get passed your head and you act on the first

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Sell Video Games
May 29, 2007

So, I got something in the mail today that came with an ad. It was promoting a website,, which you can sell your videogames to. The ad said they pay for shipping, so shoot, I checked out the site. I typed in a couple of games I had to see what they would sell for.

Crap prices.

Well, I didn't think so at first since I tried out some "new" games, but then I started to put in old games that (crazy) people would die to have so that they could stare at it in their living rooms and never play:

Guardian Heroes: $4.13
Panzer Dragoon Saga: $1.27
SotN: $6.12

Yeesh, you could get a lot more off of some sucker at ebay.


May 27, 2007

-blu [5:34 PM]: (5:34:53 PM) Pick: fuck me
(5:34:59 PM) Pick: 8 hours
-blu [5:34 PM]: :>
-Pick [5:35 PM]: In your dreams, you don't even have that type of stamina.
-blu [5:38 PM]: fuck you, in my dreams I've got quadruple the stamina
-blu [5:38 PM]: best 11 seconds of my nightrs
-Pick [5:38 PM]: We're having a conversation about fucking me....
-Pick [5:39 PM]: And I'm gonna post it in my blog before you do! Ha, who's the fool now?


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