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Happy New Year! + Colossal Blog Entry
January 01, 2007

Latest review: Sonic Heroes

I'm surprised how good this game turned out. I thought it was really gonna suck.


2006 Reviews (lol now itz mai tern)


bluberry said he would kill me if I gave this game a rating below a 7.

The Legend of Oasis

Even though I haven't played Beyond Oasis in years, I still think it's better than this sequel.


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Played Sonic Heroes for the first time tonight
December 24, 2006

I'm surprised, it's actually a pretty nice game from what I've played so far. Even if for some odd reason it starts sucking later on, it's already better than Sonic 360 (hell, I came to that conclusion while playing the first stage). Though, the current stage I'm on right now, Bullet Station, is starting to tick me off with its little problems. That, and some of the boss fights can get on your nerves.
December 18, 2006

Where's the nudity? Everyone's dressed. :O

I demand answers, Jason!

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Oneechanbara vorteX
December 08, 2006

Okay, I don't know what this game is about, but from the three pictures I've seen, it has:

1: a samurai, bikini-wearing, Japanese cowgirl
2: zombies
3: and a sword-wielding girl in a skimpy school uniform

Instant win. If this game doesn't come to the US, ninjas will cry.

Edit: apparently, this is actually the 3rd or 4th game in a series of games that never came to the US. Bah.


Latest Review
December 08, 2006

Ninety-Nine Nights

What's up with that?

I was looking through Superdickery last night due to boredom, and...
December 04, 2006

I love this picture.


Actually played N3 for the first time since I bought it two months ago...
December 01, 2006

I was doing fine until I hit the Pholya Flatlands. Man, I dunno if it was because I wasn't used to everything or not yet, but that battle was really a struggle. It started out simple, with only some weak "infantry" units, but it just got disturbing afterwards. Once you defeat those little guys, you'll have to take on this giant group with these giant orges and soldiers that gives out major damage. Halfway through that battle, a bunch of lizard people pop out of nowhere from behind. To make matters worse, a whole different species appears minutes later with dragons. If you manage to survive all of that, you'll have to take out ANOTHER group with two bosses. Geez, it took me at least an hour to complete that mission (the actual battle itself only lasts about 20 minutes), I hope they give me

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