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September 01, 2019

You may had heard of Karnov from his NES game back in the day and the first time you ever seen him anywhere else. He would also appear on another NES title called Bad Dudes as an enemy boss this time, leaving you scratching your head as to how he just decided to turn sides from one game to the next or quite possibly being an impostor. Then he would be heard of once more in Karnov's Revenge, a fighting game on which he was not only the last character you would face off but also a bad guy as well. After his heroic adventure on NES you would ponder just why he would turn out to be a bad guy anywhere else. Surely something must have happen between one game and the other, having him change his mind on being on the righteous side of things. Well...
He never was a good guy to begin with.

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Meanwhile in my life...
August 29, 2019

You may be wondering what has been going on after my blog on about my disability benefits being cut. Well, they still are. The only difference is that I am currently being given the pension amount that I was getting for now while the appeal still goes on. This does not mean that I am getting any sort of benefits whatsoever as the money they agreed to continue sending is just *borrowed* money and not much else. They have established an agreement that if my appeal fails then those months that they have the right to ask to pay the amount of money I have been received so far which of course I WON'T do, because its utter bullshit.

As much BS as it is that they went on deciding I am "fit" to work which is not the case. At all.

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Detective Pikachu
August 10, 2019

I remember watching that very first Pokemon movie in theaters. It left me with a sour taste in my mouth. What a turd. I never wanted to even watch the Anime itself much less one of the MILLIONS of movies that appeared thereof. I hated it. I really didn't cared for it. Years later we had this Detective Pikachu and when watching scenes and trailers of the new movie my expectations went even south a lot more than they were about the entire thing. Just look at some of these characters designed while blending it in with live action. My God, why nowadays everything has to be in the "real world" when it comes to old cartoons and videogame films? This sort of thought was along with that Sonic Movie which I shared my utmost bitterness when seeing its trailer months ago, while laughing at h

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donald trump re-awakening the whole
August 05, 2019

So today I am hearing about that man in the White House blaming videogames in part for the horrific shootings that this country has suffered recently. You know, instead of actually taking responsibility for his influence that he has on certain people that love to take his words for granted to commit such atrocious crimes.

Really, this is the most hilarious tidbit he has come out with. I feel like we are reliving the 90s with angry men in Congress urging the Government to do something about the likes of Mortal Kombat and others "poisoning" the minds of young gamers.

This man is not fooling anybody. I hope he grows a pair and begins doing something about these events instead of playing the blame game.

Another damn shooting.
August 03, 2019

I don't know about any of you here but I am tired of this. 239 shootouts this year alone and we still got months away from finishing said year. This covers almost an ENTIRE damn year that such horrible incidents keep happening and that orange asshole feels confident that tweeting about it to victims is more than enough for him to care about it. I am angry. I am VERY angry. I am also afraid. Two shootouts had happened here in Dallas alone, one of such this year NOT too long ago either, at downtown. I am now scared for my safety and that of my family and relatives, as well as friends who live in Texas. What's to stop any lunatic in getting me and those I love killed now that this is becoming commonplace? Why is this idiot who has STOLEN the Presidency not caring enough to do anythi

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Mastodon Social is not what it allures to be so it seems
August 03, 2019

Finding out the dark side of Mastodon Social and it is discerning. A place claiming to be twitter's answer to its toxic environment seems to be just as toxic in some instances. I have read Mastodon's feed on its twitter account, bashing that sit'es CEO JACK personally, mentioning his account and even with a sense of threat that implying Mastodon's creator trying hard and intimidating him for shock value and the premise of goading more to join his own platform. That is bullying. I don't like twitter and especially its CEO, but sort of approach by using a PROFESSIONAL account is sub-par and illogical. It just adds to the sudden realization that this place might not be what anyone would want when replacing something as toxic as twitter.

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That mysterious Blue Spell
August 02, 2019

On my play through of Final Fantasy V Advance I encountered something mysterious, mainly a spell only marked as ??? when confronted against a Bone Dragon when rescuing a Moogle on Galuf's World. After defeating it my Blue Mage learned it and it costs 3 MP to use, dealing only minimal or no damage at all to any foe, plus the fact that it won't work if you invoke it against the same enemy within a battle. I am not sure if this is a glitch or was put there intentionally. So far my search about this mysterious spell has come up negative. Quite frankly after having it around I was wary that if I used it it would do something to my save file or glitch the game. Good thing it hasn't.

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