Some youtubbers I no longer follow
January 06, 2021

At some point I would had subscribed to certain channels of what you refer to as "youtubbers" uploading videos reviewing games or any other subject they would make their topic about. Others I never bothered with although I had noticed on their level of popularity with certain demographics online.

But then you find out stuff about these individuals that just make you stay away from them and not bother with for the rest of your life. Such things are also pretty serious as you will read on about below and not just any other thing which you would roll your eyes at on me using such as reasons to not bother with them.

PROJARED- Not long ago this person was exposed cheating on his wife and allegations about him grooming underaged kids online. While the first part has by now been questionable, the latter is still more than enough for me not to bother with this child predator, but seemingly, fans of his would not listen to anything about it and its been shown that his channel has increased in numbers of views and subscriptions after the fiasco, which makes me quite ill to be honest. Yes, people would defend him. I also unsubscribed from his friend's channel, "the peanut butter gamer," being that at some point even stood up for him in some of the allegations. Not caring if he called off such things, he still went on advocating for projared.

JONTRON- At some point this man went on shooting his mouth making racist statements against black people, which quite frankly cannot be forgiven. Being part of a minority here I can tell you racism will not get you anywhere near me and I will not bother with you as a result. Just like projared however, his dedicated fans will eat you alive should you even mention any of this about their untouchable "youtubber."

PEWDIEPIE- To be honest I *never* bothered with this guy's channel, I just knew that he was making money and being sponsored for screaming at the screen when playing some game he decided to stream and kids all around the world loved him for it. Not my cup of tea. However I did find out about his racist tendencies and the fact he loved saying the N word every now and then, as well as other infamous tidbits about Nazism which he believes are a riot to even attempt on his channel. Well I am not finding this funny at all, but I know some of his fans who are at the same level of immaturity as this grown ass man would force you to believe Racism and White Supremacy is comedic genius.

JUSTIN WHANG- I had already stated my sentiments towards this person, but I might as well include him here. I only subscribed to his channel back then after he posted a video about the origins of Street Fighter Rainbow Edition, but then after seeing how he just kept posting garbage he would find on the likes of 4chan I simply unsubscribed and never bothered with him afterwards. I made the mistake on joining his Discord during that time and my blog here explains on what happen that made me never bother with this man ever after that. I will state that being that he panders to sites where bullying is constant and the fact he feels indifferent on enticing such even on his own Discord server is not a reason for me to even care about his existence as a responsible person who would do the right thing about such things. In fact being how his fans attack anyone who even dares expose him in such light while he sips on his cup about it just makes him a bully himself and nothing else.

And yes, itís HIS Discord so he WOULD take said responsibility on what happens there. End of discussion.

And no, neither of these people ever felt the need to apologize sincerely on anything they had done whether it was exaggerated or not. They know the internet will back them up with endless flock of fans at their disposal who act automatically about it. Something that makes me feel quite upset in all due honesty.

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